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5 Promise rings your partner will love

There’s no hard and fast rule that promise rings had to be a certain type of ring. However, there are certain types of rings that can be considered promise rings and we have explained why they should be considered promise rings.

Eternity rings

Also known as the infinity ring, is probably the best promise ring you can have for your partner. The best part of eternity rings is the gemstones or diamonds of the ring get wrapped around the finger. This is a beautiful feature that gives a lustrous sparkle to the band from every angle. Eternity rings are unique as it represents love till eternity and offering this ring to your partner as a promise to be with them forever shall be the symbol of never-ending love. Just like wedding rings or engagement rings, eternity rings also hold a promise of commitment. These rings are traditionally given to symbolize milestones of a relationship and a promise is the first symbol of commitment. Eternity rings can be of metal according to your personal choice.

Three stone rings

Nothing can be a more perfect promise ring than a three-stone ring or trilogy ring. The three-stone ring consists of three stones that symbolize the past, present, and future of a couple together. Some people nowadays also consider the three stones as love, trust, and respect between the couple. Whatever the stones may symbolize, it symbolizes anything related to love. So, this is also considered a promise ring by many people. You can also customize its three stones with different gemstones like a diamond in the middle and a sapphire or ruby on both sides of the diamond. Three-stone rings can also be made of any metal from platinum to gold to silver.

Solitaire ring

Promise needs no loud declaration. It’s as simple as love. Let your promise be as serene as a solitaire ring and promise her with a solitaire lab grown diamond engagement ring. A solitaire ring is simple yet expensive and your partner would love and thank you for giving her such a promise ring. There are many variations in a solitaire ring from halo solitaire ring to pave setting solitaire ring. However, it is recommended to give a simple solitaire promise ring while promising. As the designed rings are much more expensive and can be purchased during an engagement or wedding. Giving a solitaire ring shall also symbolize your simple and smooth relationship

Sapphire ring

Sapphire is said to have many benefits. According to astrology, sapphires are considered a powerful gemstone and a stone of success. If you don’t want to give a diamond ring to your fiancé while promising, give them a sapphire ring. Sapphire rings come in many designs. The best design according to us is a halo sapphire ring. Be it round-shaped, teardrop, or cushion-shaped, a sapphire ring looks great if they are surrounded by a halo made of diamond. The blue color of a sapphire contrasts well with white color melee diamonds.

Platinum bands

Band rings are also considered ideal promise rings as the band always represents a bond between two souls. Bands are often purchased as wedding bands but they can also be called promise bands. If you want you can also purchase diamond-studded bands but simple plain bands are much more suitable as promise bands. Bands can also be made of different kinds of metals. Platinum or white gold bands are much more popular though.
These are the 5 promise rings that your partner will love to wear. Hatton garden engagement rings are the best rings in London. You can check out those rings and have a fair idea about which promise ring to give her.



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