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The Most Visited Places In Goa


Goa is a stunning tourist destination. Goa is known as the fun capital city of India. Goa is famous for its stunning beaches. You can also try the most delicious dishes. Are you looking to see amazing sunsets and sunrises? And have a great night with your loved ones.

Then you can go to Goa. The beaches in Goa are truly stunning. Here are some stunning beaches, as well as a variety of fascinating places to explore within Goa.

Reis Magos Fort:

In the year 1551 in 1551, the Portuguese Viceroy Alfonso de Noronha constructed this fort. The wall of the fort was later used as a defense wall when the Portuguese were fighting Marathas during the year 1739. You can visit this fort daily beginning at 9:30 am until 5 pm after sunset.

There are a few nearby attractions like Redi Ganpati Temple and Keri beach. Taxis are available or the autoroute from north Goa. Where there is no admission cost for visiting the fort. Reis Magos Fort is situated 7 km away from Panaji Kadamba Bus stand.

Terekhol Fort:

The first one is situated in the Terekhol river. The fort was constructed by the Raja of Sawantwadi Viceroy Pedro Miguel de Almeida in the 17th century. This is the home of the Chapel of Saint. Anthony. Here you can visit other places such as Palolem Beach and Arambol beach.

You can go here by taking public transportation. It is also possible to book an auto or taxi from anywhere located in North Goa. There is no admission fee to go here. This Fort is accessible starting at 9:00 am and until 5 after sunset.

Cabo De Rama Fort:

Cabo De Rama Fort is also called Cap of Rama. The fort was rebuilt during the time of the Portuguese in 1763. From Panaji, the Kadamba Bus stand is 60 kilometers. This fort is accessible daily starting at 9:00 am and running until 5 at night. The most popular attractions nearby are Kakolem beach and Agonda beach. There is no entrance charge to go here.

Aguada Fort:

Aguada fort was built from 1609-1612 by the Portuguese. One can visit the fort all day long between 9 am and noon until 6 at night. On the northern end of the fort, the brown laterite reaches the bay, creating a jetty that is situated with two coves of sand. The most amazing place is known as Sinquerim beach.

This Fort is located on the Aguada Siolim Rd and is easily accessible via road. Goa sightseeing is not complete without visiting the fort of Aguada. If you’re planning to visit Aguada, then there isn’t an entry fee.

Se Cathedral:

Se Cathedral church is known as the biggest Asian church in Asia. Every day, from seven am to the beginning of the day and 6:30 pm, it is possible to visit this church. This stunning church is among its UNESCO world heritage places. The church was constructed in 1609-1612 in the name of Juliao Simao.

From Panaji, the Kadamba Bus stand is 9 kilometers. If you’d like to visit this church, you do not need an admission fee. This church was constructed in honor of the saint of St. Catherine.

Bom Jesus Basilica:

It is a renowned tourist destination in Goa. It’s got an architectural style known as “Baroque Architecture”. The stunning detailing and amazing carvings will simply surprise you. From Panaji, the church is about 10 kilometers. It is possible to take a taxi from Panaji. Taxis will take about 20 minutes to arrive at this point.

The church was constructed from 1608 until 1612 under the Portuguese. The church is open Monday to Saturday, 9 hours in the early morning, until 6:30 pm. Sundays 10 am until 6:30 am after sunset. If you would like to visit the church, there is no entry cost.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is Goa’s second-largest wildlife reserve. Here you can see sloth bears, hyenas the Malabar crested eagle, etc. Every day between 9 am and noon until 6:45 pm you can visit the sanctuary. You can reserve a taxi or taxi from Panaji. The distance total is 60 km from the south of Panaji.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary:

The sanctuary is located inside Mollem village. Mollem village is located inside Sanguem Taluka.It has a regular opening daily beginning at 6:00 in the morning until 6:30 at night. It is possible to book taxis from Panaji to reach the village.

From Panaji, it’s about 10 km. The sanctuary was formerly known by its title Mollem Game sanctuary. In 1969 1969, it was named “Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary”.

Aguada Beach:

This stunning beach is popular with honeymooners. This beach is sure to soothe your eyes. Do go to this beach.

Anjuna Beach:

It is among the most sought-after spots in Goa. The beach is in the northern part of Goa.



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