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best waterpark in california you need to visit in this summer

Knott’s Berry Farm (Buena Park)  Aquatica Typhoon Lagoon  Schlitterbahn Best of all, most water paks in California are just an hour or two away from Los Angeles, San Diego and other major cities! Here are five amazing water parks in California that you can visit any time this summer. best waterpark in california


Breathing Exercises:

To help keep from feeling claustrophobic, it is important to do breathing exercises before entering a dark pool. Inhale for four seconds, then exhale for eight seconds. Repeat for five minutes. The idea is to slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, relax muscles, and decrease anxiety in time for your first plunge. Once you’ve completed your exercises, put on sunscreen and swim goggles. After that, take deep breaths as you enter the pool and start moving towards deeper waters. As you gradually get more used to the sensation of being  try going underwater for longer periods with more distance between your breath cycles best waterpark in california

Visualization Techniques:

It’s hot, it’s sunny, and you’re in Southern California—the perfect weather for a day at the waterAs you walk into that humid air, your nose fills with that sweet chlorine smell. You grab your towel from your bag and head straight to the lockers because there is no need to carry your belongings around all day if you are going to be jumping off slides all day. When you get there, someone is waiting for their locker but says they will wait for you so they can have lockers right next to each other. It doesn’t take long before you are making friends with the person next door who is also heading down to play in their bathing suit. You may not know their name yet,


 cool skills:

about them like how good they are at surfing or how many tattoos they have.
You throw open the doors to see an entire field of yellow inflatable rafts- aka lazy rivers- surrounded by palm trees and swaying grass blowing in the breeze. The sounds of fun drift over from the wave pool just beyond where kids shriek as waves crash against them. There’s something about this place that feels carefree, easygoing, relaxed; a place where there are no worries or cares just lots of laughter and excitement over what adventures lie ahead today.

Calming Music:

Experience an unforgettable summer day with your friends and family by visiting one of California’s many With its picturesque settings, you’ll be able to soak up the sun, swim in refreshing pools, get caught in whirlpools, float down a lazy river, or even ride thrilling slides for adrenaline junkies. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking an active day or just want to relax–California has something for everyone. You can spend hours exploring until you find your favorite spot to hang out all day

 Remove Stress From The Day Of The Trip:

If you’re looking for an easy way to remove some stress from your day, try getting there early Plus, you might even get lucky with a shorter line. If you want to save some money, check out the season pass option. You can save money by pre-paying for admission all year long. You’ll also be able to skip those long lines at ticket booths when you purchase tickets ahead of time.




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