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Best Winter treks in the Himalayas

Peak strings in India presume concealed beauty at the time of the winter season. As you traverse through the iced brook, frosty grasses, and snow-capped series in winter hiking in India, you encounter a lot of venture & enthusiasm while viewing a verge of mother nature that looks to uplift your complexions!

This season is the ideal duration when nature displays its variant sights and also exhibits its frisky face. This season is always the finest time of the whole year when the gargantuan hilly peaks, backed up in sheets of snow, delights trekkers from all over the globe to encounter the Himalayas at least once in their life. Although many of the Himalayan treks are unrolled to have experience from the month of May till October, there are few trekking choices in the Himalayas that one gives a shot around the whole year. If a trekking experience is something you are searching for this coming winter season, here is a list of some finest treks in winter in India that pledges an ideal package of anticipation, ventures, and a memorable vacation experience.

Discover breathtaking peak ranges in an audacious winter season hike, no worries how experienced you have been in hiking, you will always have a desire to visit more pleasing spots. Flamed with habitual beauty, this country has several locations to discover throughout the year. The chiller rush to trek a peak and the mesmerizing sights of the ranges on the peak are out of words. It gets more fearless when the journey of your trekking is filled with snow. If you love to trek in the snow-capped areas then you must give a shot to a winter season trek. 

Top winter treks in the Himalayas

There are a lot of winter treks you can have experience, we have listed out some of the finest ones that are a must for you if you are a trek lover.

Har ki Dun trek

Settled exactly the halfway of the cot-shaped ravine, correctly downwards the peak of Har ki Dun, this winter season trek is one the most attractive in the regions of Western Himalayas. The outstanding Har ki Dun Trek is located in the enticing land of the state of Uttarakhand. Trek begins from the city Dehradun and will progress to Sankri, which is popularly known as the entrance to Har ki Dun. From Sankri the home is well spotted and crosses along with intense forest with mesmerizing sights of this beautiful valley. A village named Taluka will be the next station after Sankri. You can arrive at this village from Sankri by hiking or by renting a jeep, any option that you find the best. You need around 7 to 10 days to complete this enthralling trek and the level of difficulty is easy. The altitude level is 11,700ft. 

Kuari Pass Trek

If you are about to begin your trekking voyage, then this is the finest trek for beginners in the Himalayan region. You will experience nature’s dense and rich green forest with snow-capped pastures through the ancient forests. The Kuari pass trek is full of shrubs and oak trees uplifting it into a perfect fascinating path for the one who is trekking for the very first time. The pictorial beauty, extraordinary campsite, and a pleasing exploration make it a perfect winter season trek in the Himalayas. The altitude level of this place is 12516ft and the toughness level of this trek is termed easy to moderate.

Brahmatal Trek

 If you are in search of a trek in the winter season around January or February then this can be your ideal choice.  While hiking in the snowy region, you will have an experience of thrilling hiking during the winter season. The chilling climate and the adventures included in this trekking will boost up your brain. The forest strings of this valley are one of the rarest discovered paths; with a wishful sheet of snow on the pastures and above the trees. It looks like the complete forest has been embellished for an imposing celebration. If you are looking for a mind-relaxing snow trek, the Brahmatal trek is your finest option. 

Pin Parvati Trek

This is one of the most famous snow treks for professional trekkers. This valley has one of the most challenging paths with sheer slopes, sterile hills, broken landscape, and snow-covered mountain ranges. Despite all difficulties, you will feel boosted when you arrive at the most awaiting Pin Parvati pass,  the trek’s most amazing view. With staggering meadows of Spiti Valley, covering scenic beauty, and a daring trail, This trek will be an experience to cherish for a lifetime.



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