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Darjeeling Sandakphu – Singalila Ridge Trek Blog


Darjeeling’s Singalila Ridge Trek! The beautiful trail starts just two hours from the town. It appears hidden in the wilderness when it runs from ridge to Ridge, yet it’s only a brief away from town. The gorgeous Singalila Ridge connects Nepal’s majestic Himalaya to India. Trekking this ridge up towards Sandakphu (3636 meters/11,929 feet) the highest point in West Bengal. spot, where you be able to see the highest peaks of the planet, is the best part of the hike.

Get up from your sleep in Sandakphu and head to an observation spot. Mount Everest (8848 meters), Kanchenjunga (8586 meters), Lhotse (8516 meters), and Makalu are all visible from this point (8481 meters). It is truly the, but perhaps not the most beautiful mountain in India. In what other place can you view five of the world’s most majestic peaks from atop?

Trek The mountains are a part of our journey from Sandakphu up to Phalut. The panorama from Phalut is as stunning as the one before. The barren landscape is reshaped to reveal the stunning mountains covered in snow. Our accommodation is in a hut for trekkers in Phalut close to the magnificent Himalayas. We trek out of Phalut through the beautiful Gorkhey as well as Timburey landscapes before getting an evening ride returning to Darjeeling. We’ll take guests on an engaging day-long tour of the city’s most famous landmarks, and then an exquisite dinner.

Each night during the journey, we stayed in teahouses that were run by local family members (except in Phalut). This is among the most memorable experiences of the journey. Discover the history of the region and the families that manage the lodges. In Timburey Homestay, you can learn about the culture and family of Timburey homestay, guests can learn to cook momos, as well as other local traditional meals!

Season of Trekking Darjeeling’s Sandakphu-Singalila Ridge

Between June 15 and September 30th Singalila Ridge National Park is closed. The best times to visit, however, is the spring months (March through May) and autumn (15th September through November). The trek can be completed in winter ( December – January – Fabulous ). In spring, vibrant flowers begin to bloom. In autumn the sky is usually more clear. Ashmita Trek and Tours organizes the entire trek, which includes transport and meals.

The Journey’s Highlights

  • Walking through the forest and the wildlife refuge of Singalila.
  • The trip takes you through thick and lush forests, with a glimpse at the Sleeping Buddha.
  • You’ll be able to see an unusual landscape during your travels.
  • The trek is through Nepal and India’s borders.
  • Sandakphu, Phalut, and Tumling offer the most stunning sunset and sunrise views.
  • Take in the breathtaking and amazing Singalila Ridge, which includes Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, and Lhotse in a single range.
  • The Darjeeling region is home to more than 400 species of birds.
  • Visit the nearby mountain town and talk to the locals.
  • The trip takes nine days.
  • Lebel 2 trek is difficult. Lebel 2 trek Simple and moderate.
  • The most commonly used kinds of lodging include guest houses and lodges.
  • The highest point of Sandakphu is 3,636m.

Itinerary –

Day 1: Fly into Bagdogra and then take an auto to Darjeeling. 4 hours (2042 meters)

Day 2: Trek 11 km from Manyvanjang (2123 metres) to Tumling (2980 meters).

Day 3: Walk 19 km from Tumling 2980m up to Sandakphu 3636m.

Day 4: Walk 21 km starting from Sandakphu 3636mi, to Phalut 3600mi.

Day 5 An 14-kilometer hike starting starts from Phalut (3600m) and Gorkhey (2500m).

Day 6: a hike of 13 kilometers starting from Gorkhey (2500m) and Timburey (2100m).

Day 7: Trek (10km) from Timburey to Rimbeek and then take a drive until Darjeeling (4-hour drive).

Day 8: Visit Darjeeling, and rest.

Day 9: Departure.

Route –

Manebhanjang, Tumling, Sandakphu, Phalut, Gorkhey, Timburey, and Darjeeling comprise the Singalila Ridge Trek route from Bagdogra Airport to Darjeeling.

Recommendations for Trekking Equipment and a Packing List Luggage/Bag Packing on a Trek:

On your journey the horses and our porters will transport your baggage, leaving only a small day bag containing a water bottle, camera as well as sunscreen, an extra jacket, personal items, and more. The four seasons can be distinguished. Sleeping bag (optional in case you don’t have one, we’ll offer one on our website, and must be returned at the close of your hike).

Accessories and clothing

The altitude of trekking routes ranges between low and high. A T-shirt, a pentagon as well as a cap, are required. Additional socks as well as a water-proof jacket (raincoat required in the rainy season ) Gore-Tex jacket or down jacket with a wind and water-resistant jacket, a sleeping bag, and T-shirts with long sleeves. Warm gloves and hats and suitable trekking shoes are suggested. Shoes should be lightweight and durable. They should also be able to grip well. Sunscreen lotion, gloves, and a woolen cap are essential. Windbreakers and warm jackets or sweaters are typical, especially during September and October.


The (-10 C) (50 – 60 ltr) backpack with several compartments will certainly help in keeping your belongings well-organized and safe. To ensure that everything can fit in one backpack it has to be comfortable to carry. An overnight bag. The porters will take your duffel bag or Rucksack bag. It will be filled with all your possessions. Create a daypack.

First-Aid Supplies:

Excedrin Extra Strength is a medication to treat headaches caused by altitude.

Ibuprofen is used to treat pains and general pains.

You should take Immodium as well as Pepto Bismol capsules when you are experiencing stomach upset or diarrhea.

Treatment for altitude sickness includes Diamox 250 or 125 mg tablets.

A small, personal first-aid kit including blister treatment products such as mole skin, band-aids adhesive tape for waterproofing, antibiotic creams, and more.

Flashlights: You’ll require one torch that has an additional battery or headlight.



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