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Kedarkantha trek is the ideal location to spend your holiday

About the trek of Kedarkantha

A fantastic winter trek for snow-lovers Kedarkantha Trek is located in Uttarakhand. It’s a 6-day trek with its base camp at Sankri village, which is approximately 78 hours drive from Dehradun. The trekkers will experience an unforgettable adventure. It leads them through lush forests, snowy trails green meadows, as well as stunning panoramas.

White clouds with dense snow and a view are the three elements. It makes the Kedarkantha hike among the top enjoyable adventures one could ever enjoy. It is one of the most sacred spots in India. The name Kedarkantha is the Throat that is Lord Shiva.

Kedarkantha & Nearby Places

Near the top of its height, it is a stone-covered shrine to Lord Shiva and is surrounded by mountains covered in snow all around, creating an impressive sight to see. There is a Trishul situated in the ground surrounding the shrine with its head pointed upwards. Locals can pay respects at the temple.

The Historical importance of the Shrine

Shrine also has a tiny temple which is home to a statue of Lord Ganesha. It is believed that laying Ganesha’s idol on the ground will result in rain during the very dry summer months. Legends tell us that Lord Shiva was at this location to meditate, but was disturbed by a bull that was in the area below.

Because of this, he retreated from kedarkantha and sought meditation in Kedarnath. The Kedarnath trek has transformed how people view “high altitude trekking” as a sporting activity and has proven to people around the globe that Himalayan trekking is possible beyond autumn and summer.

The places to visit during this trip

First, you will travel towards Sankri from Dehradun which is a way towards Himalayan paradise. After that, from Sankri then you will travel towards Judah ka Talab. The legend says that Lord Shiva visited this place to meditate. When you reach Base Camp from Judah ka Talab, you can rest here for a few minutes and set up your cameras.

After a proper meal and rest, you can head towards heading for the kedarkantha summit. This is the day to which you’ve put in all your effort.

Views from the Top

The breathtaking scenery on the mountain will be overwhelming and make your efforts worth it. Enjoy your moment to capture the natural beauty in your mind and heart and then leave the majestic mountain peaks. Ascend the majestic mountains, starting from Sankri, the camp at the base. Sankri before heading through Dehradun.

Other information about the excursion

The beginning and the end of the trekking route can be found in Sankri Village.

Its total length of the trek is 20 kilometers and the highest elevation is 12,500 feet. The duration of the trek is approximately six days and five nights. The best time to visit is March. It is possible to experience snowfall beginning in mid-December.

While you can visit this spot every season for winter, the months of December and April are the most ideal time. In this season, you will take in the beautiful snowfalls. And the stunning views from Judah Ka Talab along with Hargaon.

This trek is regarded to be one of the easiest treks in Uttarakhand but it is challenging enough that you will be enthralled through the entire journey up to the top.

Things to bring during this trek

If you plan to hike this trail, you must carry the items listed below.

  • Always bring your original photo ID along with photocopies of it.
  • Take your backpack along with a rain-proof cover since the weather at this altitude can be unpredictable.
  • It is essential to have a personal medical kit that includes medicines to treat nausea, headaches, and fever.
  • Also, you should have some antiseptics and a bandage in the event of an injury or cut you might encounter during your travels.
  • Bring a moisturizer or lotion to protect your skin as it will dry up within a matter of minutes at such high altitudes.
  • Don’t forget to bring water containers with you because there aren’t many stores where you can purchase water cans.
  • You may find certain streams in which you could get refills. Another item you should have is a troche that has additional batteries.
  • Warm inside clothing, woolen caps towels, thermal clothes, and extra socks.

Methods to get to Kedarkantha

By Road:

Dehradun is well connected with other major cities via roads. There are bus services for travel between Delhi to Dehradun. From Dehradun, it will take about 10 hours to get to Sankri via bus.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is located in Dehradun and it is connected to other major cities, including Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, and many more.

By Air:

Jolly Grant Airport is located in Dehradun and connects New Delhi to other cities via air.



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