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Kudremukh Trek : The complete guide to be aware of

Since the sport of adventure is increasing in popularity and trekking is now among the top well-known one, then certain areas within India are becoming more famous due to the trek. Karnataka is the most well-known and exciting tourist place to trek in India.Today we’ll discuss a specific trek that is located inside Karnataka, i.e. the Kudremukh Trek.


The interest in hiking is growing, so is the the demand for more exciting and enigmatic locations for trekking. Kudremukh hills are situated within the Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka.These are situated at 20 kilometers from Kalasa the capital city of Karnataka. Bengaluru is 280kms from kudremukh. Kudremukh is an a mountain range as well as an official national park that is now one of the most popular destinations for trekkers. Beyond the main path to the Kudremukh, there are numerous other trails such as Kurinjal peak and many more.

How to get in touch:

To reach Kudremukh, buses are the sole means of transport that runs from mangalore which is located of 100 kilometers which takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to travel.

The closest train station that is close to kudremukh is located in Mangalore which is linked to cities in the country.

The closest airport that is close to kudremukh lies in Mangalore as well located 93km far from Kudremukh’s ranges. It is possible to travel by any type of transport on the road, such as taxis or buses to Kudremukh..

The best time to visit Kudremukh is:

The summers in Karnataka begin in March and continue until May. This is the ideal time for exploring the Kudremukh ranges. There are a variety of species of flora and wildlife can be observed during the trek in the summer season. The temperature in the kudremukh region generally falls within the range of 32 degrees Celsius, but it can rise to 37 degrees.

If you’re planning to visit in winter, then going during February is the best time to go as Karavali is a well-known festival in kudremukh that occurs during the month of February. So be sure to go to kudremukh at this time of year.

Terrain difficulty:

Kudremukh Trek Kudremukh Trek can be described as moderate in the context of the level of difficulty.

Kudremukh trek is 20-24 kilometers in length. It takes two days to get the full adventure.

The journey to kudremukh is split into two sections:

1.)Trip up to the top of kudremukh summit.

2.)A trip to the Somavati Falls.

You will be able to complete each step in a single day.

So, if we look at it the overall picture then we can say that the terrain on the Kudremukh trek. It is difficult, however, it is also worth the effort to take on with your family.

The reasons to go on the trek

Kudremukh is a face of a horse according to the Kannada language. The name is given to hills because of the horse face shape of the top in the mountains.

Kudremukh is a place that is home to an array of flora and fauna. There is a myriad of animals such as peacocks, deer, and other scenes of the wild natural world that you’ve never witnessed. The scenic landscape in the kudremukh trek is as captivating as the wildlife and flora. The trek will pass through forest, rolling hills and mind-blowing valleys tranquil grasslands, and numerous tiny streams of water throughout the hike.

Furthermore, the highest point that is located in kudremukh hills is situated at an elevation of 6,207 feet which is the third highest summit in Karnataka following Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri. You will definitely not want to miss the stunning panorama this hike offers you.

The best places to visit in Kudremukh

When you’re in kudremukh there are plenty of places to explore in Kudremukh itself. kudremukh itself. Some of them include:

  1. – Kudremukh national park.
  2. – Hanuman Gundi falls
  3. -Kalasa
  4. -Gangamoola
  5. Janta market
  6. -horanadu
  7. Kadambi falls

And much more………………….

Local festivals :

There are many celebrations that take place in this region. Some of these are:

  1. Karavali festival is held during February, the first month of February. During this festival, many dance styles will be performed by inhabitants of the region, such as the demon dance, naga mandala, and the worship of demons, for instance.
  2. Navratri celebrations are also attended with enormous enthusiasm in India.

As a result, we come to learn that this trip to Kudremukh will be a memorable trip that won’t leave you feeling regretful about any minute you’ve spent in this place. This trek will surely brighten your mood and increase your energy levels. Therefore, I suggest you go to at least this hike one time.



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