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Top Treks in Uttarakhand for Trekking


There’s a good reason why Uttarakhand is known as the “abode of the Gods.”

The vast Himalayas are thought to have their epicenter in the Indian state that is located west of Nepal. The state is home to the majestic Gangotri Glacier, the Ganges River’s source, and is a holy place and popular destination for Hindu pilgrims. The second-tallest mountain in India, the 25,643-foot-tall Nanda Devi, is also found in this state. There are many different trekking trails in UtUttarakhand.

1. Kartal Trekking

The highest point is 16,110 feet.

Trekking time: 7 days

Best Time: From May through June and from September to October.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

This hike in Uttarakhand, which is situated in the Gangotri region of the Garhwal Himalayas, is perfect for mountain enthusiasts because it provides breathtaking views of the Great Himalayan ranges, The undiscovered jewel of Uttarakhand is this high-altitude glacier lake. On the Kedartal Trek, adventurers can see a variety of mountain wildlife species, including the Blue Sheep, Goral, and the renowned Himalayan Black Bear, among the snow-covered peaks and terrain.

2. Trek to Rupin Pass

The highest point is 15,250 feet.

Trekking time: eight days

Best Time: From May to June, when it is summer, and from September to October, when it is post-monsoon.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Rupin Pass will never be forgotten thanks to its impressive waterfalls, illusionary views of nearby summits, and exotic flower-filled grasslands. The trip begins in the tiny township of Dhaula, and over the course of seven days, hikers must ascend over 10,000 feet to reach Rupin Pass, where they can enter Himachal Pradesh from Uttarakhand. Numerous picturesque settlements along the route, including Jakha, make excellent rest breaks.

3. Trek to Kedarkantha

The highest point is 12,500 feet.

Trekking time: five days

Best Time: December through April

Level of Difficulty: Simple

The idea of traveling more than 18 miles in just 4-5 days and reaching more than 6000 feet in height may sound difficult, but Kedarkantha’s breathtaking 360-degree vistas of numerous famous mountain peaks make the effort worthwhile. You will get a sense of touching the sky after you reach the Kedarkantha mountain in Uttarakhand if you begin from the village of Sankri.

4. Trek the Bali Pass

About 16,250 feet above sea level

Trek time: nine days

Best Time: From May to June, when it is summer, and from September to October, when it is post-monsoon.Level of Difficulty: Difficult

Due to its difficult terrain, the Bali Pass Trek is only appropriate for experienced hikers. Expect to see many unusual plants and animals along this hiking route because it passes through the well-known Govind Wildlife Sanctuary.

  1. Auden’s Col Trek

Maximum Altitude: 18,020 feet

Expedition Duration: 16 days

Level of Difficulty: Very Difficult

One of the toughest trek routes in Uttarakhand is Auden’s Col. The trek starts in Gangotri. Pine and cane woodlands can be found as you make your way towards Nala Camp.   The route will lead you from Nala Camp to the Rudra Gaira Base Camp, which is a great location to get breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks covered in snow. This trek takes you through endless glaciers, moraines, precarious cliffs, and snow ridges, so it requires extremely high fitness. It connects the peaks of Join I and Gangotri III as well as the glaciers of Khatling and Jogin I.

6.) Har Ki Dun Trek

The highest point is 11,500 feet.

Trekking time: seven days

Best Time of Year: March through June in the Spring and September through December after the Monsoon

Level of Difficulty: Simple

One of the simplest hikes in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas is this one.

Explorers will get to see the stunning Tons River valley, which is ringed by peaks and deep forests, on the Har Ki Dun journey. For bird watchers, the spring months before the monsoon are great, while for those who enjoy flowers, the post-monsoon season is advised. Between December and April, there is enough snow on the trail to make it ideal for snow enthusiasts. This journey is magnificent and steeped in folklore.



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