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5 Top Beaches Near Bengaluru You Can Visit with Your Family

Bangalore is one of the most important and well-known cities in India that is famous all over the world for its IT sector and development. The noise of the traffic and the bustle of life every single day is enough to drive anybody insane. 

If you’re reading this article, it probably means you need a break from city life. Here are some of the top beaches near Bengaluru where you can be away from the noise for a little while and spend time with your family. 



Pondicherry is actually one of the most visited places in India. It is great for a weekend getaway, for some peace and quiet, and to be in touch with nature. There are several beaches where you can visit with your family. 

Pondicherry was once a French colony and this has influenced the region a lot. French and Indian aspects have combined beautifully to form a colorful place – especially the beaches. It is one of the most extraordinary beach places near Bangalore and quite exotic, too. Visiting this beach will give you a sense of calm and peace. 

Distance from Bangalore: Pondicherry is 309 km from Bangalore. This is the closest beach to Bangalore. 



Udupi, located in Karnataka, is one of the most adored holiday destinations. It is also a rather important city in the state, after Bangalore and Mangalore.  The best beaches you should visit here are Malpe Beach, Kodi beach, Hoodie beach, and Kapu beach. 

This place is actually known for food and temples, apart from beaches. So, while you are here, you can explore the street food and the restaurants for local food. 

Distance from Bangalore: Udupi is located 403 km from Bangalore. 



One of the beaches near Bengaluru is in Gokarna. Not only that, it is also a pilgrimage site, where devotees come regularly to pay their respects. It is quite famous, since tourists from all over the world come to visit it. 

There are many ancient temples scattered over the area of Gokarna. You will have ample opportunities to go surfing, camping, and participate in coastline adventure sports. 

Distance from Bengaluru: The Gokarna Beach is located at a distance of 480 km from Bengaluru. 



Located on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the Indian state of Kerala, the Varkala beach is very beautifully situated on the western coast of India. It is also called the Papnasanam beach. 

This beach is known for its natural springs that have some amazing medicinal properties. It is believed that a dip in these waters will cure any person of any disease. 

Near the Varkala beach, on a cliff overlooking the beach, stands the Janardhamaswamy Temple. The Sivagiri Mutt, founded by the 19th-20th century religious leader and philosopher, Sree Narayana Guru. 

Distance from Bangalore: The Varkala beach is 481 km away from Bangalore. 



The town that is well known for housing the world’s second largest statue of the god Shiva, Murudeshwar is very beautiful. It is located in Karnataka on the western coast, along the Arabian Sea. 

It is also best known for temples, though it has some great beaches from Bangalore, including Alvokodi beach, Bailur beach, Manki beach, and Nakhuda beach. 

Distance from Bangalore: Murudeshwar is located some 502 km from Bangalore. 



Located smack between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River, the Cavelossim beach is a popular beach near Bangalore, in South Goa. The unique attraction of this beach is the soft white sand topped with black rocks. You can stay at the shacks lined up at the spot near the beach for a relaxing holiday. In the background, you will see beautiful paddy fields. 

You can participate in such sports as catamaran sailing and kayaking. You can also go for long walks along the shore and play with the dolphins that often pay a visit. 

Distance from Bangalore: The Cavelossim beach is 577 km away from Bangalore. 



Another beach near Bangalore that is located in Goa is the Arambol beach. Here, too, there are shacks for visitors like you to stay. You can also taste the extremely delicious seafood while listening to good, pleasant music. 

There are also a number of watersports for you to pass the time. You can also choose to stroll along the beach. You can hire scooters and motorcycles for a small fee and roam explore around the place. 

Distance from Bangalore: The distance between Arambol beach and Bangalore is 637 km. 



Located in a coastal town in the Indian state of Kerala, the Kovalam beach is famous all across the globe. It is best known for the coconut trees that ar scattered thickly all around the beach. 

You can enjoy a peaceful walk with your family in the sand and sit on beach chairs to relax. This is the best place for you to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Distance from Bangalore: Bangalore is 724 km away from Kovalam. 


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