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6 Amazing WooCommerce Features You May Not Know About

With WooCommerce you have the necessary functions to manage your online store. Next, we show you the main ones. Continue reading!

Product Registration

With the best WooCommerce development services, you can place and edit all the products of your business. Also, if there are similar products, you can duplicate them and highlight the differences between them.

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And if one of them is your main product, you can also highlight it on the website to receive more access and purchase possibilities.

Payment Methods

As we said before, WooCommerce offers many payment options, and there are more than 140 ways that you can make them available to your customers.

This is very important, for example, to make sure that a customer does not leave an abandoned cart just because there is no payment method that suits him.

Abandoned cart reactivation

There is a module specially prepared to reactivate those customers who were very close to buying but did not go ahead.

This module sends emails based on the products placed in the cart, encouraging them to finish the purchase process.

Monitoring of each order

Monitoring works not only for abandoning carts but also for sales in general.

Through WooCommerce, you can keep in touch with the customer by email from checkout to delivery.

By the way, for physical products, you can also offer free shipping, one-time value, or shipping value calculation.

Open Source

This feature is one of the biggest differences from WooCommerce since it allows your online store to maintain the identity of your company.

After all, through it, you can make connections with other software and applications that are part of your business administration.

Recurring payments

For the offer of services made monthly or by subscription, WooCommerce also offers this option.

Final Thought

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