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7 Guide To Your Electric Scooter Tips

Electric scooters are fun and relatively safe to ride, but you need accessories to better protect you and your scooter. Various? Many of these accessories improve the performance and aesthetics of electric scooters.

Just like cars, scooters are also painted with ceramic coating and have many other accessories that are not listed here. For now, focus on “must have” products and only buy “must have” products when you need them. The main items on the list are essential for protection, while the rest are practical items such as phone holders and rubber seals.

Helmet and knee/elbow pads;

A helmet is not just an accessory; Mandatory for electric scooter riders. Accidents range from sudden falls to crashes. A driver without a safety helmet risks a serious accident or worse. That’s why a helmet should be the first thing you buy after buying a scooter. There are several types of helmets. Motorcyclists often wear heavy helmets. Recommended if you own one of the crazy Off Road Electric Scooters like the Nanrobot LS7+ or if you are a fast motorcyclist.


If your scooter is mainly used for commuting, you can also choose lighter ones. They are perfect for cruising at 15-25 mph. Some helmets have a glass face shield, some don’t. Some fall, some don’t. It totally depends on what you want. Find the ones you like here. In addition to a helmet, consider getting elbow and knee pads. Why? Why? Knees and elbows are often victims of falls and accidents, even minor ones.

Front and Rear Light;

Most electric scooters on the market do not have enough light to see well in the dark. Although Nanrobot’s electric scooters have excellent lights, you can improve your night vision by installing quality exterior lights. Fitting or adding extra lights to your scooter will improve your visibility and make you more visible to other road users, reducing the risk of collisions at night.


For better visibility, it is better to buy the front and rear lights instead of just one. Protect yourself and others, fill your path with light and be seen! Make sure to choose lights that are not only bright but also resistant to weather conditions like rain and snow.


The gloves not only keep your hands warm when riding in cold weather, but also keep you from looking at your hands. In addition to the elbows and knees, the hands are particularly affected by falls. Even a 4-6 mph drop can hurt your hand. Better to avoid it, right? There are many different types of gloves, but motorcycle gloves are said to offer the highest level of protection. If you ride a fast or off-road scooter, this should be your choice. Thinner gloves are better for slower scooters.

Phone Holder;

It is always recommended that you never use your phone while driving or driving. But sometimes it’s necessary, right? You can check some information in your scooter app, scroll through important notifications, receive a call or even use a map. That’s why you need a phone holder. The phone holder is usually mounted on the handlebar for easy on-the-go access.


It allows you to quickly look at your phone without taking your hands off the handlebars or getting lost. Phone mounts come in different shapes and sizes, so choose the one that fits your phone and handlebar frame. Some types can fit phones and scooters of all frame sizes.

Roller Lock;

After electric scooters became a popular means of short-distance transportation, they also became a major target for thieves. At the same time, everything is very easy as most scooters are portable and lightweight. If you want to leave your scooter outside, you have to lock it or risk it being stolen. Fortunately, there are different types of locks you can use to protect your scooter. The most popular are folding locks, chain locks, cable locks and U-locks. It is important to choose a quality lock that fits the frame of your moped and is difficult to choose.

Storage Bag;

Since e-scooters don’t have storage space, you’ll likely need an outdoor space for your belongings when you’re out and about. A small bag, more like a clutch, is a practical option here. You can attach it to the handle or handlebar of your scooter. Of course, you only need a scooter charger, Allen key, scooter lock, wallet, etc. It offers storage space for small items like The Nanrobot Waterproof Scooter Bag is what you need.

Tire Mud;

Tire mud, also known as tire sealant, is essential if your Electric Scooter uses pneumatic tires. Although pneumatic tires offer unmatched cushioning comfort while riding, the biggest drawback, unlike solid tires, is their tendency to sink.


Tire mud provides a quick fix for flat tires. You don’t need any special training to fix it. All you have to do is find the hole and apply sealant to it. Tires are not cheap to replace or repair, so as a preventative measure, you can apply mud to your new tires to prevent leaks. However, do not forget to have it with you in case your tires explode while driving.


As an e-scooter rider you will need some, but not all, of the above accessories. It not only reduces the risk of accident, but also offers you comfort while traveling. In addition to the above, eye protection, safety vests and tire valve extenders are other recommended accessories. Which accessories do you find indispensable? Feel free to share your thoughts below.



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