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Canadian Immigration Guide For You

Canada is one of the ideal countries in the world for immigration and permanent residence. The Canadian government permits the permanent visa for the members of the Family Class and Economy class. The Economic class encompasses the skilled worker class, Quebec skilled worker program, provincial immigration class, and business class.

Canadian immigration is done through an individual assessment program called the point system which evaluates through federal skilled worker class based on the diverse categories that the candidate can able to economically establish themselves in Canada. An optimal client for the skilled worker program would possess occupational skills and required experience that is necessary for the job openings that are available in Canada. The selection factors will pave the way for the candidate with a government-recognized employment offer to Canada.

The candidates under Quebec skilled worker class and provincial nominee class can become permanent resident in Canada on the basis of their ability to lead an economically successful life in the country based on the immigration program and selection criteria organized by Quebec or other provinces. The Canadian immigration team appoints the candidate in the business immigration class as per the subcategories like investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed.

Investor class

The immigration class is a point system that grants the candidate with interest to become a permanent resident along with the ability to lead an economically established life in Canada based on their management or business experience with an individual net worth of $1,600,000. The candidate’s approval is done as per the confirmation made by the candidate to invest a non-reversible, passive, and non-interest five-years deposit of $8000,000 in a government-recognized investment fund. In the category of applicable program, the candidate will receive financing and legal security for their investment. The Canadian government has stopped the applicants for investor class on a temporary basis.

Entrepreneur class

The entrepreneur class is a point-based system that confers permanent residence to the candidate with an ability to lead a financially successful life as per their business experience with a high independent net worth. The candidate approval is done based on their acceptance of investment and indulges in the active management of any qualified business operated in Canada that enriches the economy and initiates employment. The Canadian government has temporarily stopped the applications from the entrepreneur class.

Self-employed class

The self-employed class is categorized under the point system that suits the candidates with suitable experience and intention or ability to start their own employment and contribute the society to the artistic, cultural or athletic life of Canada or start their own employment by buying a farm in Canada.

The Quebec government owns a separate immigration program for skilled workers and a business class selection program.


Federal family class

In the federal family class, the present sponsorship program promotes reunion in Canada of Canadian residents with their spouse or common-law partner or conjugal partner above sixteen years of age, one unmarried children under 22 years of age, parent or grandparent and a brother, sister, nephew, niece, a grandchild who should be an orphan and unmarried under 18 years of age or any other relative where the sponsor has no above family members in Canada or overseas.

The federal family class is temporarily on hold for the sponsorship of parents and grandparents of the permanent residents. As an alternate, the candidates can apply for a long-term visitor parents and grandparents super visa.



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