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Choosing a 1st Providers Choice Medical Practice

Choosing a 1st providers choice medical practice can be overwhelming. There are a variety of choices to make, from medical billing to practice management. In this article, we discuss some of the key things to consider when choosing a provider.


The IMS EHR by 1st Providers Choice is an electronic health record system that is perfect for medical practices of all sizes. It is a cloud-based solution that offers practices a wide range of practice management and billing tools.

One of the many features that make this software an excellent choice is its ability to meet Meaningful Use. With a certified software package, you can avoid penalties, and qualify for Federal Stimulus incentives.

As a matter of fact, one provider increased revenue by 30 percent within eight weeks of implementing this software. Another benefit is the ease of use. You can customize and streamline the process of creating patient billing information. This means that you can post charges faster than ever before.

The software has been awarded a number of awards for its functionality. Among its key features are the Patient Portal, which lets patients view their medical records, lab results, and other relevant documents. In addition, it is possible to create and edit a Patient Health Record.

Specialty specific ambulatory EHR

As an ambulatory EHR, the 1st Providers Choice EHR is designed for both small and large practices. It offers a clinical workflow management tool as well as over 30 specialty-specific customizable templates. The software also provides online insurance verification, e-prescribing (e-Rx), lab integration, appointment scheduling, and more.

This ambulatory EHR is designed for all health care providers and is HIPAA-compliant. You can access your data on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. You can also participate in webinars and live chat sessions. Moreover, you can schedule appointments and receive reminders with automated notification systems.

The provider is known for its high implementation rates and superior customer support. Their services include training, consultation, and implementation. In addition, the company’s support team provides US-based support throughout the country.

Aside from being easy to use, the 1st Providers Choice ambulatory EHR is also customizable. This means that healthcare professionals can update the system dynamically.

Practice management

1st Providers Choice is a practice management software provider that is well suited for small to large practices. Its features include patient scheduling, appointment reminders, digital signatures, and online insurance verification. The suite also boasts the requisite HIPAA compliance. With customer support in all 50 states, this software is a solid choice.

While the product name is not as catchy as some of its competitors, 1st Providers Choice is surprisingly user friendly. For starters, its products run on desktops and mobile devices. This makes it easy to access patient information and documents. In addition, the company also offers live training and support.

The one-two punch of patient tracking and revenue cycle management is not bad either. Plus, the company is committed to making the health care industry a better place. As such, they are an industry leader in the field of healthcare technology.

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Medical billing

Medical billing is the process of collecting payments from insurance companies and other third-party payors. To achieve optimum revenue performance, medical billers need to understand the ins and outs of the claims process.

The medical billing process is categorized into two stages: front and back. Both phases involve different tasks. Front-end activities are those performed by the front office, which includes patient-facing activities such as scheduling appointments. Back-end activities include the reconciliation of payments and direct deposits.

Increasing reimbursement pressures are driving the need for well-trained medical billers. These professionals can optimize the collections of physician practices.

Medical billers are skilled experts who generate and verify medical claims before sending them to payers. They also check for accuracy and ensure the patient’s information is correct. This reduces the likelihood of denials and improves the accuracy of the claim.


As the name suggests, 1st Providers Choice is a provider of healthcare software. Their offerings include electronic health records, billing and practice management software. They are also a provider of hardware and support services, as well as training and certification courses. A look at their website reveals that they are based out of Chandler, Arizona, and serve health care providers across the United States.

While their website doesn’t reveal much information about their pricing, they have a handful of online customer service options, including a free trial. One thing that is certain is that their offerings are a cut above the rest. Among their many products and services, the cloud-based EHR stands out. With 1st Providers Choice, users can get more done in less time. The software suite allows users to create patient billing data, post charges, and even manage their patients in real-time.




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