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Chopta Trek: An Ultimate Complete Guide

Chopta trek is considered one of the easiest treks in India and is situated near Himalayas. It is near Haridwar and connected to Panchachuli, Nanda Devi, Nilkanth and Kedarnath.

It is a good trek for beginners because the level of difficulty is quite low and easy to moderate so one can easily explore it and enjoy views of the Himalayas.

The critical attractions of this excursion are the Tungnath Temple and the Chandrashila top which gives a staggering 360-degree viewpoint of the valleys underneath. Here is an organised Chopta Trek Guide to get yourself in a position for an optimal venturing try.

How to reach

Haridwar is the principal spot of the Chopta tungnath venture which is actually accessible by road, rail, and computerised reasoning

Railway networks from critical metropolitan networks like New Delhi 5 Hours and Dehradun 1-1:30 Hour interact with the Haridwar Junction Railway Station, which is arranged at a versatile distance to different motels.

Mini Switzerland or chopta is situated at 2600 metre altitude at Uttarakhand.  The hidden sign of this Trek is the prestigious Tungnath Temple, Chopta boasts of enchanting points of view on the Himalayas with bountiful verdure to regard. Being an unblemished and non-promoted region has enhanced Chopta with the satisfaction of exquisite glades and superb venturing trails after some time. 

Best Time

March to June is considered a good time to visit this place, but that doesn’t mean you only need to visit at this time only, one can visit here anytime throughout the year. And can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas.

Haridwar is a sincere city organised at the foundation of the Shivalik degrees of the Himalayas. It lies in the stream trail of the glorious River Ganga, which holds an earnest worth. The neighbourhood occupants are extremely inviting, outfitted with the reality that a tremendous number of deer accumulate in this favoured city to offer their sales and make a plunge in the Ganges. Neighbourhood people follow their serious heavenliness intentionally and are unbelievably smart towards guests. Empathy lies in their affiliation and their pride in the city’s blessedness reflects in their way to deal with acting.


The important section costs at explicitly assigned spots, awards for the excursion and required woods camping out charges in the region for the entire length of the excursion will be consolidated as an element of the pack. Sympathetically check with the facilitators preceding booking.

Level Points

The journey takes you from the consecrated city of Haridwar towards Devariyatal Lake, organised at a degree of 2440 m. This perfect region offers a staggering scene of the Chaukhamba ranges. Further ahead on your trip, you will pass by Chopta which stands tall at a level of 3000 m with stunning calm settings. Progressing forward with your trip, you will experience the objective of Tungnath at a raised degree of 3680 m and at last show up in the strong Chandrashila Top at 4130 m.

Medical Helps

A magnificent clinical aide pack will open up to the collaborators during the trip. Regardless, it is fitting to convey your very own heap of emergency treatment things, for example, sanitisers, bug adversaries of subject matter experts, the expert suggested sedates, and so on. However all wary advances will be taken, learning the general fitness of clinical advantages in the event of emergencies is persistently suggested. These incorporate crisis recuperation or CPR and other common clinical information about the level of ailment. An exceptionally common issue known as Acute Mountain Sickness is associated with wandering close to optional impacts going from cerebral tortures, a resting issue, gastrointestinal issues, lung issues, ataxia, and so on. Accepting nobody minds one way or another, counsel your fundamental thought specialist before your endeavour to procure masterfully embraced drugs for such logical circumstances and possibly consume them whenever expected, as they are strong and make solid impacts



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