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Everything to Know Before Your First Umrah in 2022 

Are you fortunate enough to be making your Umrah trip at last? First of all, congratulations on finally deciding on the best one among the many Umrah Packages 2022. You may have learned many things about the holy Journey of Umrah. However, no amount of training can ever adequately prepare you for your trip to the Holy Land of Saudi Arabia. What’s better than experiencing the beautiful journey yourself?

Before we begin, keep in mind that the Umrah pilgrimage is an emotional, gratifying, and immensely rewarding experience. The rituals may seem demanding but are fulfilling and rewarding when you put them into practice.  In this blog, we will discuss Umrah in detail for first-timers. Let’s dive in to find out everything there is to know before your first Umrah.

The Spiritual Journey of Umrah: Meaning & Importance

Umrah means to ‘pay a visit’. In contextual terms, it is a minor pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba. As per Islamic law, Umrah refers to carrying out some rituals around the House of Allah to please Him. Although it is not an obligation, it is rewarding and meritorious to perform at least once in your lifetime. Muslims may separately perform Umrah or do it when they go to perform Hajj.

When it comes to the significance of Umrah, the holy journey is highly regarded by Muslims from all over the world. Prophet (SWT) performed Umrah four times during his lifetime but did not specify the number of times a Muslim must do so. Nonetheless, the spiritual activity is not made obligatory and can be performed depending on the convenience of individuals.

Above all, the holy journey is the key to asking Allah SWT for His Mercy and Repentance. It is the best practice for the expiation of sins and getting close to the Almighty. That said, it also saves the believers from poverty and impurity. Needless to say, the spiritual journey purifies one’s existence altogether when done properly with the purity of heart and mind.

Types of Umrah

Straightforwardly, there are two types of Umrah. For intending travellers to the KSA, it is crucial to know and deeply understand the types of Umrah. It makes them aware of the timing and rewards of the holy pilgrimage. The two Umrah types are:

  • Umrah-ul-Mufradah: This Umrah may be performed any time of the year except the Hajj days.
  • Umrah-al-Tammatu: This type of Umrah is coupled with Hajj, and is performed in Dul-Hijjah, just before Hajj begins.

A deep insight into both Umrah types is necessary when selecting Umrah Packages 2022.

Requirements of Umrah

Several requirements must be met when setting off to perform the pilgrimage. They are essentially the same as those for the Hajj.

  • You must be a practicing Muslim
  • You must have attained Puberty (Baligh)
  • You must be in a sane mind and have full control over your sanity.
  • You must be physically fit and free of diseases.
  • You must be financially capable.
  • Females must accompany a Mahram.
  • Females must be free of their Iddah period (if applicable)

The Best Time to Perform Umrah

There is no set time for performing Umrah in Islam. However, doing so in Ramadan will yield the best benefits. According to a Hadith, Umrah rewards increase in the holy month and are comparable to those of Hajj. It cannot be done, nevertheless, during the three Hajj days.

As a result, Muslims passionately opt for Ramadan Best Umrah Packages to maximize their spiritual rewards. Not to forget, they must have the resources to do so.

Summary of Umrah Rituals

Below is a review of Umrah rites for Muslims intending to perform Umrah shortly.

Ghusal: Purity is the foremost requirement for Umrah. It includes trimming the unwanted hair from the body, and later performing Ghusal to achieve the state required to move on with the rituals.

Ihram: Before arriving at Miqat, men must wear Ihram. Ihram consists of two pieces of white cloth. On the other hand, women must dress up in modest attire. After wearing Ihram, Muslims are required to pray two rakahs of Namaz.

Niyyat/Intention: Officially, Niyyat is the first step to initiating the pilgrimage. So, make Niyyat before landing on to Miqat. Plus, remove any clothing that does not comply with the regulations associated with Ihram.

Tawaf: The pilgrim then begins the Tawaf i.e., circulating the Holy Kaaba. Make sure to not touch the cloth of the Kaaba during Tawaf, and begin your circumambulation with Kaaba on the left.

Saai’ between Safa & Marwa: Now is the time to head for Safa and Marwa where the pilgrim climbs the hills and makes supplication to Allah (SWT), and repeats the process thrice.

Shaving or Cutting of Hair: This is the last step and marks the end of your Umrah. Pilgrims must cut their nails and shave or trim their hair.



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