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Explore the world and Enjoy Cruising and Field Trip

1- Cruising- It is more adventurous and more exciting when you travel through the cruise. Traveling through cruise around the world has always been full of immense joy and happiness. So if you are planning or dreaming to travel around the world by cruise ship and surrounded by luxury.        

Top  3 ships to enjoy cruise travel around the world-

  • Celebrity Reflection- If you want to make the most out of your cruise vacation, the renowned cruise offers extravagant cruise ships that take you to the most exotic destinations in the world.   Of all the celebrity cruises, celebrity reflection is such a cruise ship that enables travelers to explore the best. 
  • Viking Star- This cruise engineered with care and imbibed with one of the best Scandinavian design. Viking Star is the first ocean ship among all the sister ships of Viking Cruises. It serves the best cruise experience, as it luxurious one. 
  • Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas- It is one of the massive and giant cruise ships of the famous Royal Caribbean, it is large-sized one would love to travel the entire month. As the party mode is always on this cruise, you will have an amazing experience on your vacation. 

Places to visit in Carribean regions

1- BritishVirgin Islands- This Island is serene and stunning one, the white sand beaches on Anegada Island is picturesque. The best way to see all the scenic views is a Yacht or tour boat from the nearby Island. 

2- Turks & Caicos-  These are the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, including Grace Bay. Spend your time with your partner on land or underwater, an unforgettable experience of scuba divers and snorkelers. This place offers a wonderful retreat for those seeking maximum tropical comfort. 

3- Antigua-  It is a wealth of diverse beaches if you are interested in surfing and love water sports then book your ticket. This place has historical attractions like Betty’s Hope and Nelson’s Dockyard. Enjoy the day with your partner on these beautiful beaches and amazing art & craftwork are available in the local market.

2- River Cruises-  The boat for the river cruises are much smaller than the ocean’s cruises. Their size fits well the river for traveling from interesting sites to another. Here, I am sharing an overview of the best river cruises in the world. 

  • Mississippi River Cruise- The fourth-longest river in the world, cuts through the heart of America and covers most beautiful scenic views.  Cruises on this river can vary from one to five hours. Many of the ships are designed to look like old-fashioned paddlewheel steamboats, which can give you the feeling that you are traveling a few years back and enjoying the moments. 
  • Kerala Backwater Cruise- Tourists want to experience the beauty and charm of this beautiful and stunning backwater. This area serves a unique ecosystem with fresh water from the river mixing with salt water from the Arabian sea. Kerala boats are attractive and decorated, different types of boats are available to explore Kerala. 
  • Mekong River Cruise- This river runs through China, Burma, Cambodia, and Thailand. While cruising, you will find interesting sites of cities and villages. Mekong river cruise is one of the best ways to experience, explore more and you will love the real beauty of nature. 

3- Tour Packages- Vacation is the perfect fuel to sparkle your life. Who does not a vacation or holiday trip where he/she can feel the best with each other without any stress out? It is perfect when you are around beaches and the water sweeps away

  • Fiji Islands- Not less than Paradise, one of the most beautiful Islands with swaying palm trees and rugged cliffs with splendid views of nature. 

            Time to visit- April to early October

           Things to purchase- Colorful Pearls, Tapa Cloth, and jewelry

           Places to go -Fall of Taveuni, Nadi, Firewalking on Beqa and Vanua Levu 

  • Goa (India)-  A place with ancient buildings, pristine beaches, enticing nightlife, and a transparent place. It is one of the best places in the world to have a honeymoon. This place has a lot to make your simple honeymoon extra special. The couple who love beaches and shacks for them it is the ultimate place. 
  • Singapore- Fantastic Island country which has everything for you!  Ultimate cuisine, appealing culture, energetic nightlife, multiple festivals that make this place colorful and exciting. This destination is for quirky and crazy couples who want excitement and fun. 

          Time to visit- late October to early March

           Ideal duration for stay- 1 week

          Things to purchase- Orchid perfumes, Asian Art-crafts

         Places to visit- Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Universal Studios, Garden by the bay and Singapore night safari.

  • Koh Lanta(Thailand)- This place is located in the Krabi province of Thailand, it is an uncrowded island offers an array of gorgeous beaches for the hydrophilic couples (who loves water). It is considered the most romantic place in the world. 

           Best time to visit- From late September to early March

          Ideal duration for stay- 3 to 5 days

           Things to purchase- Coconut oil, Thai silk, and varieties of soap

4- Field Trip-  Who does not want to live in the same city and have refreshing fun, the trip is a necessary evil. It is perfectly possible to find rural and cultural places within an hour radius of your place. Every day’s busy life has made most of you very tired or wants a refreshing trip nearby you. Use shared public transport if you are not more than two, it will save fuel and help you to reach your shorter destination. 

Field Trip has a larger impact on modern life, it has allowed cities to grow bigger and has led to proliferation to suburbs.

5- Business Travel- This travel is taken for corporate or business purposes, such as leisure purposes or commuting between one’s place to another. There are some good reasons that one should prefer business travel.

  • Good time with your colleagues
  •  Time to interact with new people,
  • Helps to enhance your communication skills
  • Helps you to standardize your lifestyle
  • Gets a better sense of networking
  • Identifying new market and trends
  • Building new partnerships



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