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10 Best collection of travel ideas to enjoy

1- Honeymoon- Honeymoon is the perfect fuel to sparkle your never-ending love life. Who does not want a honeymoon where he/she can feel the best with each other without any stress out? It is perfect when you are around beaches and the water sweeps away, You can imagine that fun with your soul mate or when you are surrounded by nature’s green canopy and standing hand in hand with each other. 

Here I am sharing the list of places to enjoy with your partner- Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Mendoza, Indonesia, and Australia.


This place offers something for everyone, Your small budget will work here. It is located in Southern Thailand, everything from accommodations to a spa treatment all is available in a small budget too. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and don’t forget to take a spa treatment. For absolute scenery, check out the limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay and the white sand beaches of stunning Phi Phi Island, You can travel through the boat and enjoy to the fullest. This place is absolute for refreshment and to capture beautiful moments. 


Fantastic Island country which has everything for you! Ultimate cuisine, appealing culture, energetic nightlife, multiple festivals that make this place colorful and exciting. This destination is for quirky and crazy couples who want excitement and fun. 

Time to visit- late October to early March, Ideal duration for stay- 1 week

Things to purchase- Orchid perfumes, Asian Art-crafts

Places to visit- Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Universal Studios, Garden by the bay and Singapore night safari.

These places will help you to know more about each other and spend some quality time. Try out all adventures and fun, eat delicious and healthy foods. Capture all these precious moments which can be remembered throughout your life. Enjoy the enthusiastic nightlife of these places with your partner. Eat, Travel and Enjoy!

2- Vacation-

Planning for a summer or winter vacation, don’t mess up anymore. Making it easy for you when it comes to a special vacation, then choosing a beach vacation, safari and it is more on the newly married couple’s taste. 

Honeymoons come in all sizes and shapes, it is up to what you choose and make it the best vacation of your life. Sharing with you the list of best places to make mesmerizing moments- Caneel Bay Resort, St. Regis Florence, Walt Disney World, Hamburg, Germany, Barcelona, Yosemite, and the British Virgin Islands. 

 Barcelona- This place is a retreat for your eyes, the most beautiful sights are observed here. Visitors can walk at past medieval architecture in the Barr Gotic, panoramic view of the intricate La Sagrada Familia and marvel at Gaudi’s whimsical creations in Park Guell. Don’t miss out on the eclectic shopping scene and the region’s delicious food and drinks. Barcelona has a series of narrow streets, romantic alleys of beaches and nightclubs.

 Amankila- This is an enchanting destination to celebrate your new life together, the ultimate place and several moments. Amankila refers to peaceful hills, and this place meets the expectation of all newly married couples. This place offers stunning views of seas and a 3-tiered pool and promises to give rich cultural experiences to all visitors. Located in Indonesia, and tucked away on the island of Bali. 

 Antigua- It is a wealth of diverse beaches if you are interested in surfing and love water sports then book your ticket. This place has historical attractions like Betty’s Hope and Nelson’s Dockyard. Enjoy the day with your partner on these beautiful beaches and amazing art & craftwork are available in the local market.

Enjoy with your partner/spouse in the private pool and don’t miss to capture all moments.

Check out these places and visit the favorite spots and have fun with your partner and loved ones. Vacation is a good time to refresh and make out a nice time and it is a good reason to be together and spend some quality time with each other. 

3- Road trip-

Have you found a motorbike and want to explore with it, then you are in the right place. Making your road trip more joyful by adding more ideas to it. Road trips are the perfect mood booster, just carry one bag with all necessities and begin your adventurous ride. You are never too old to try a road trip. Here I am sharing with you the list of road trips to make your journey easier and safer. 

1- Mumbai to Pune Expressway distance 94 Kms

2- Manali to Leh Highway distance 497 Kms

3- Shimla to Manali via Mandi distance 250 Kms

4- Guwahati to Tawang distance 520 Kms

5- Chennai to Pondicherry distance 151 Kms

6- Puri to Konark on NH 203 distance 36 Kms

7- Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu La Pass distance 56 Kms

8- Shimla to Manali via Kinnaur Distance 645 Kms

9- Delhi to Agra via Mathura on Yamuna Expressway distance 233 Kms

10- Chennai to Munnar distance 588 Kms 

Check out these road trip routes explore your journey, and have fun. Life is all about knowing more and have fun. 

4- Commute-

Who does not want to live in the same city and have refreshing fun, commuting is a necessary evil. It is perfectly possible to find rural and cultural places within an hour radius of your place. Every day’s busy life has made most of you very tired or wants a refreshing trip nearby you. Use shared public transport if you are not more than two, it will save fuel and help you to reach your shorter destination. 

Commuting has a larger impact on modern life, it has allowed cities to grow bigger and has led to proliferation to suburbs. This commuting trend has come from the United States of America, people over there started commuting each week and enjoy their lives. Commuting helps to refresh you immediately and come back in the evening. 

The best places to live near London – Surrey, West Sussex, Kent, Essex, Suffolk, and Oxfordshire. 



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