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10 Awesome Travelling Plans & Ideas for you.!

1- Active Mobility-   It is a transport mode of people and sometimes goods, that use the physical activity of the human being for the movement. The most popular form of active mobility is walking and cycling. Serious health and environmental problems, especially climate change increase obesity, more than 35% of the total population suffer from this problem. 

Active mobility is the best way for oneself to remain healthy and strong, even if it is the best exercise for the body. In the US and UK active mobility has increased to active transportation. It is a good way to improve health through active travel which should form the basis of shared objectives, policies and work programs which include Internalisation of external costs in transport aimed at ensuring that all health costs are taken into account. 

Clearly Identifying a leader for the work on active travel and health in the European Commission. It reduces the consumption of fossil fuels, pollution, and other Nitrous Oxide, carbon emissions. It is thought to have multiple implications for health by changing the exposure to certain health issues. Active Mobility translates into a shift away from the use of motorized transport, it reduces air pollution and traffic noise levels in cities and an overall improvement in the quality of life for all people. 

2- Travel Class- It is a quality of traveling, comfort during the journey. Higher travel sections are designed for a comfortable journey but it costs a lot. These days every transport has divided the travel classes that include sleeper, AC tier first, second or third, if we talk about airlines similarly from the top, first-class, business class, and economy class.

The more expensive ticket you purchase or book it online, you are going to have an amazing journey. According to the travel class, the company offers facilities for the passenger. Even in buses services have been designed as sleeper and AC Chair seater, these all levels make the passenger’s journey easy and comfortable. 

Indian railways offer six classes of accommodation on the train-

First-Tier AC- It is the highest level of rail travel and this class is not available on all trains. 

Second-Tier AC- They are air-conditioned sections into two beds formats, it is a long-distance journey. 

Third-Tier AC- offers AC cubicles, most of the trains have six to seven bogies. 

Sleeper class- it is not air-conditioned but is configured similar to third tier AC. 

Likewise in other countries, there are different travel sections for the passenger’s comfort. Similar it is followed in different types of transport modes, whether it is roadways, airways, railways or waterways. 

3- Cultural Travel- It is a type of travel which experiences the different types of culture during traveling. Cultural travelers explore the beauty of the world and roam from one place to another place through the bus, car, and train. Cultural travel goes beyond cultural exploration or discovery, it is a way of transformation of life. It is a good way to meet new people and learn about new cultures in the world. It is a way of describing travel that requires a transition to a new level of understanding and appreciating different cultures. There are extremely beautiful places all around the world where one can explore and enrich his/her travel diaries. The discovery of cultures it completely depends upon the travel narratives, who experience the rich cultures of different places. Cultural travel becomes more beautiful when you have a travel agent or travel guide with you, as they explain the specialty and history of the place. 

The habits and traditions of people are strongly linked to enriching cultural experiences. The most rewarding events are usually the ones who experience within the local community or different places in the world.  

India is rich in culture and traditions, all states have their own unique living and food/dishes, likewise, other countries have.  

4- Mancation- The special vacation for males, this trend started in the 20th century. This gender-specific trip idea has been around since the first caveman took his club and went on hunting with different tribes. This term has come into buzz lately, now male love to go on such vacations. The most loved activity by the males on vacation is playing golf, and the destination has brought more ideas to explore the vacation in a better way. 

Mancation packages include spiritual healing, yoga, meditation, sexual reawakening, and culinary instruction. Many organizers are promoting mancation, to create affinity groups in schools, colleges, and other private groups. In 2006 summer, half of the Fairmont Hotel chain properties in the US created mancation packages. Mancation has other terms like mancursions, man trips or fellas trips. This trip is an attempt to regain manhood and get relaxed from day to day schedule. 

5- Bleisure Travel- This shows to turn Business Trips into full leisure vacations. Burgeoning travel is something called Bleisure, which mixes with business and leisure in a way that combines the fun parts of a vacation with work on a business trip.

If you have a three days business trip to Paris and the majority of the trip is spent in the conference room, so the remaining time you keep finding the beautiful places. 

Bleisure trips have their own pros and cons, these trips tend not to be the exciting vacation you plan out months before. 

One-third of business trips will add some fun activities, people stay productive and stay cheerful on their vacation. It is a joy for millennial workers who increasingly demand Bleisure trips. Bleisure travel looks like a good opportunity to save travel expenses, mostly for those who do not make a lot of vacation. Bleisure trips are not likely to extend the trip, the best part of this trip it is pocket-friendly. You don’t have to worry about major expenses, you can even have your family members to make your trip complete. It is the most demanding trip which employees love and get a chance to explore more. 70% of Bleisure trips because do not take a lot of regular vacation.



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