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How to draw R2D2

How to draw R2D2. In Star Wars, the emblematic characters pronounce many quotations, lines, and exciting phrases, becoming basic foods of pop culture. However, to be a symbolic and beloved character in the series, you don’t have to say a single word! It is the case of Droid R2D2, which communicates exclusively through a series of distinct bipes. Even though he doesn’t have a memorable line, he is always loved worldwide, with many fans who want to learn to draw R2D2.

It came to the right place if you are one of these fans! Our step guide on how to draw R2D2 in just 6 steps will show you how to recreate the famous droid. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, wolf drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing of R2D2

Step 1:

The R2D2 as a character is very detailed, with many specific aspects to be drawn. It can complicate the drawing, but we will make the task easier by facilitating the task during this R2D2 drawing guide! For starters, first, describe the R2D2. By doing so, you will benefit from a faithful copy of the reference image.

Please refer to the final reference image we provide so that you can consider all parts of the droid. Using a combination of straight lines and curves, we will draw the whole shape of your body, its base, and “its legs.” Once this plan is designed to look like our image, we can start adding the details to the next step.

Step 2:

Now that you have the sketch of your R2D2 drawing, we can start adding the details we mentioned. To do this, we will start at the bottom of the droid and progress. When you draw your base and feet, remember that they are a little more angular than your cylindrical body.

We will use some additional straight lines for the body and head. Using the reference image as a closed guide, reproduce all lines as they appear, so you are ready for step 3!

Step 3:

Continuing with this guide to draw R2D2, we will finish the legs and add more details to your body. Again, the top of the leg will be a little more angular, and there will be some smaller details in the center. Then we will continue to add some details to your body. Your body includes various panels, buttons, and locations; Many of these pieces also have good detail. It is another step when you must reproduce our image, at best, your skills.

Step 4:

You have done a fantastic job in this R2D2 photo so far! In this fourth step, we will finish your body section before completing the head in the next step. First, use straight lines to add details to the square section near the top of your body, which you started in the last part. Then we will lead to the division between your head and your body. To do this, draw two slightly bowed lines on the top of your body to show where your head would light your body. Then you will be ready for the last details in the next step!

Step 5:

How to draw R2D2

Now you can finish the image drawing and some final head details at this stage of our R2D2 drawing guide! He will prepare to color him in the last stage. Adding these details, perhaps the most important is the round lens on your face because that’s how it sees your environment.

It has details around you, and there will also be some of those same details of the panel and the button you added to the body. After drawing all these details, you can add them! You can draw a background or have other star Wars characters accompany it. How will you finish this great photo of yourself?

Step 6:

How to draw R2D2

It is the last step of your R2D2 drawing, and now you are ready to finish it with a certain color to finish it. R2D2 colors are rare; Its primary colors are white and blue. In our reference image, we color to be faithful to your appearances in the movies, and you can see a lot of blue on different panels and buttons.

There are also green, red, and brown clues used for smaller details. When you put a very detailed drawing like this, it is better to use art media that give you great accuracy. Some examples would be pencils, markers, pens, or colorful brushes with brittle tips. What colors and averages do you choose to finish this excellent image?

Tips for facilitating your R2D2 drawing!

Explore the pleasure of drawing a galaxy while we still make this sketch R2D2 easier! This R2D2 drawing emulates the simple style it has in the movies. However, there are many details to draw, which can make it a little overwhelming the first time. By learning this drawing, you can start simplifying certain line details. Other details can also be completely deleted. By changing these details, you should focus on the areas that cause the most problems. The more details you maintain, the better, but feel free to exclude those that cause problems.

Another way to facilitate this R2D2 drawing would be to change the drawing style. At the moment, it seems relatively detailed and accurate in life. If you find the drawing more easily in a cartoon style, you can represent the R2D2 in this style. You can maintain the installation and basic details but modify them in your favorite arrangement. If you need help, you can find R2D2 images designed in any style you want online. What styles of animation and art could you use? It will make it easier not only for the task but it can also lead to a unique rendering!

Finally, if there are sections of this R2D2 sketch you need help understanding, there are ways to cover them. One of the most elaborate ways to do this would be to add another star war character. For example, R2D2 is often seen with your best friend, C3PO, by your side. You can add this character to cover a part of the fighting R2D2. Or you can also use the background to help it. For example, if the R2D2 were in a deserted environment, a lot of sand can cover part of the drawing you have trouble drawing.

Your R2D2 drawing is complete!

It will end this guide on how to draw R2D2, and you will have an excellent description of the famous droid! This image had many details to include, so I hope, with the help of this guide, you will find it fun and easy to manage. Now it’s up to you to take control and add your background, details, additional characters, or your color and media options!


So when you are ready for your next pleasure challenge, you can visit our site for more impressive drawing guides. Keep checking because we will have a lot more soon! Also, share your finite R2D2 drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest.

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