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How to Find a Reliable Freightliner Truck Dealer?

Freightliner trucks are one of the most popular semi-trucks in today’s truck industry. The reasons are their power, reliability, fuel efficiency, aerodynamic design, incredible crew cab options, and flexible load capacity. Want to increase your fleet or start a logistics company recently? How about buying a pre-owned Freightliner truck?

Your foundation step is to choose a qualified Freightliner truck dealer in Calgary. Not to forget, purchasing a second-hand semi-truck is an overwhelming experience. But understanding what to expect is the most important consideration. On that note, the following considerations are important to factor in. Here’s what you can expect from a trustworthy dealership.

Expectations a Potential Customer Can Have from a Truck Dealership: Things to Note Down

A pre-owned one could be the most cost-effective solution when buying Freightliner trucks. But to ensure a quality purchase, you need to look for a few things. Below are the most important aspects to note down:

#1 Appropriate Answers to All Your Questions

While visiting a new semi-truck dealership, sit down with a professional to get answers to your questions. Given below are the questions one should ask the dealer:

Q1: Had the truck experienced an engine overhaul?

After so many miles, experiencing an engine overhaul is quite common in these trucks. But smaller trucking companies retire these vehicles just a few days before the engine’s lifespan ends. Note that mileage on the odometer would not always reflect the actual miles traveled. So, it is imperative to ask this particular question.

Q2. Does It Have DOT-Required Features?

DOT or Department of Transportation regulations may vary from one country to another. Thus, when you intend to buy a pre-owned Freightliner, please consider the DOT-required features. The best examples are seat belts. A truck that operates abroad might not have functional seatbelts.

#2 Understanding the Key Specifications

Understanding the truck’s key specifications is one of the most complex parameters of the truck purchasing process. A truck dealer may spend a lot of time and effort on that truck to ensure a seamless purchase. But you must make sure that the truck meets your business requirements.

#3 A Test Drive

Before you make your purchase, a test drive is imperative. While visiting a new dealership, always look for the test drive option. Note that Freightliner truck dealerships comprise various trucks. But they might not have the truck that you wish to purchase. 

You can consult the truck dealer in advance to check which trucks are available for test driving. The dealership will give you an understanding of the models available in stock. So, that’s how the process becomes simplified and seamless.

#4 Discuss the Finances

Financing becomes the most important part of the discussion when buying a pre-owned semi-truck. One should stay prepared for the conversation. The best way to do so is by doing a prior survey regarding the prices before visiting the truck dealership. 

#5 A Maintenance History and Ownership

Maintenance and owner history records offer a cleaner picture of what to expect from that truck. A pre-owned truck must ensure proper maintenance. Otherwise, purchasing it is not worth considering. 

Parameters That Make a Quality Dealership: A Few Things to Keep in Mind

On your first visit to the dealership, you might become more confused. The truth is not all dealerships have the best interests. So, you need to understand a few aspects that make a quality dealership. Here’s a list of pointers to know:

  • A quality dealership has numerous happy clients and potential buyers
  • It should be a certified and legitimate business in this industry 
  • A sound dealership must have a solid reputation
  • The professional must make you feel like an important customer, which judges their customer services quality
  • It must have a quality selection that can fit your requirements

The logistics and freight industry is a lucrative investment option today. That’s why second-hand trucks are in high demand. If you are looking for a pre-owned Freightliner truck in Calgary, look no further than New West Truck Centers.

The heavy truck dealer is Alberta-based. Seek consultation from the company for a Freightliner truck dealership today. Besides that, the company can assist you with a plethora of heavy-duty truck sales, truck repair & maintenance services, and parts sales near or in Lethbridge, Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer. Book your initial appointment with the team to learn further about their services.



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