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How to Use Henna To Dye and Nourish Your Hair?

The contemporary spurt in the number of people bringing out or dying their hair makes it look like hair colouring is a modern happening. Regardless, this isn’t real. The composition of hair colouring is centuries old.  In ancient times, people completely used plant-driven natural dyes like Henna and Indigo to colour their hair. 

Among all-natural colours used across the nation, Henna hair dye is the most prominent and it isn’t without justification. Apart from being a remarkable component to naturally dye hair, henna also enhances, conditions and nourishes your hair from the intense within!

Are you thinking of obtaining a henna on your hair? If yes, then this guide from Brow Sugar to using henna to dye and condition your hair will teach you about the various uses of applying henna to your hair, and guide you on how to colour your hair by obtaining henna dye.


How to obtain Henna to dye your hair?

Some brands propose formulating a mixture of Henna Powder and Indigo Powder to obtain brown hair. Though you only require to apply natural hair dye brown normally.

Pursue these easy steps, to obtain brown to reddish brown hair. 

  • Moisten the Henna Powder (100 gms for not-so-long hair, 200 gms for shoulder-length hair, 300 gms for long hair) in an iron container in Tea Water or Coffee Water and keep it overnight. (Adding coffee brings about the red colour of the henna being additionally visible.) 
  • Put in a dash of Lemon Juice if you need it. Add Yoghurt or Egg for extra conditioning. 
  • On the next day, apply the mixture on tidy, product-free hair for 2 hours, relying on the preferred intensity. 
  • Wash out adequately with water, repeating as numerous times as you intuitively desire. Do not use shampoo.
  • Wash your hair with a purification shampoo the next day. You can select shampoos with Ayurvedic components like Hibiscus for hair. Unlike other shampoos, natural shampoos prepared from Hibiscus clean the hair without peeling the scalp from its normal oils.


How Heena will help

  1. Henna conserves Scalp Health

Henna possesses a chilling impact on the scalp. The antifungal and antimicrobial properties of henna support conserving scalp health by combatting numerous scalp problems like dandruff, scalp itchiness, etc. It enables the removal of contaminants from the hair which further enables the prevention of dandruff.


  1. Henna Balances PH levels and Oil generation

Not only does henna enable you to maintain problems like dandruff at the nook, but it is also an outstanding component for balancing the pH and oil generation of your scalp. It enables eliminating the additional oils from your hair, unclogging follicles and reclaiming the ordinary functioning of the sebaceous glands.


  1. Henna Curbs Hair Fall and Boosts Hair Growth

The boosted scalp health, balanced pH levels, and unclog pores that we discussed above help put a stop to hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. Henna not only helps in growing your hair faster but also improves the texture of your hair.


  1. Henna helps conditions Hair

Henna supports the development of a guarding barrier around each one of your hair shafts, locking in the mist and protecting the hair condition. It can be extremely beneficial when we use it along with additional hydrating components. Henna enables minimising issues like split ends and hair breakage.



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