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What Are the Tips Attendees Should Follow During an Online Conference?

Online conferences have become so popular in the past few years that it can be safely said that every professional has attended conferences on online conference platforms in the past few years. However, talking of online conferences, time and again, it has been noticed that only the organizers are expected to follow rules. 

Even after this much time, there are several people who think attending online conferences as merely watching something on their laptop or mobile screens. However, we believe there are certain reasons behind it, and we will get into the reasons someday. This time, we are here to discuss with you that there are certain rules and tips that even the attendees need to follow. Though these rules are unwritten and unsaid, there are certain etiquettes one needs to follow while attending online conferences. 

Adhering to these rules and tips won’t only leave an everlasting impression of the attendees on their fellow attendees, but it will also help them make the most out of the online conferences. 

Keeping that in mind, we are sharing with you some of the best tips one should always keep in mind while attending online conferences

Here are some tips shared by experts that one should follow; Have a look: 

  • Know Your Conference: 

The first thing you should need to know while planning to attend a conference is the conference itself. Having understanding of the conference will make your overall experience more effective and seamless. Hence, always attend the conference after doing your own bit of homework. Study about the hosts, their organization, the subject they have chosen for the conference, and other things. There are certain ways to do so; you can go through their official website, their social media pages, and other resources the organizers have provided you with. As we said earlier, it won’t only increase your efficiency but will also leave a good impression on others and help you stand apart as the ‘well-prepared’ attendee. 

  • Get the Hang of the Online Conference Platform: 

The next thing you need to do is get yourself used to the online platform. The organizers will send you the link sometime before the commencement of the conference. And, while there is some time left for the session to start, get on the platform. Familiarize yourself with how you should log in and out of the platform. Not only this, but before the conference begins, take some time out and explore the segments of the conference, such as the lobby, auditorium, booths, and everything else. It will help you save lots of time and effort during the conference, and it will help you be more efficient than others. 

  • Test Your Devices: 

The next tip that the attendees need to consider while they are joining the conference is to test all the devices beforehand. Imagine you are all geared up for the conference and looking forward to making connections during the same. Now, while you are in the middle of a discussion session with your fellow attendees, your internet stops working. It will be a disaster; won’t it be? Hence, to refrain from going through situations like these, ensure you test all your devices a day or two before the conference. 

Check if your webcam and microphone are working properly or not. Apart from it, also check if you have a stable internet connection or not. Talking of internet connection, experts suggest using LAN instead of Wi-Fi. 

In addition, there are certain tips one should keep in mind while attending a conference. Those tips are: 

  • Ensure your surroundings are well-lit; you should avoid bright backgrounds. 
  • You can use a ring light to minimize the face shadows and ensure that your face is clearly visible. 
  • Make your surroundings clutter free; keep them neat and clean. Nobody would like to see a mess in the background. 
  • There are certain online conference platforms that provide users with several virtual background options. Hence, if you don’t have enough time on your hand, you can always use these virtual backgrounds from the virtual lobby. 

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  • Minimize Distractions: 

The next thing you should keep in mind is reducing distractions at your end while you are in the middle of a session. Attending a conference while kids are playing in the background won’t only be a distraction for fellow participants but also won’t be good for your reputation. Hence, ensure that your background is distraction-free. It is suggested to sit in a peaceful environment, with minimum background noise. Apart from it, if you live with your family and friends, make it clear to them beforehand that you will be attending a conference, so that there is less noise. In addition to it, some other things you should take care of are turning off notifications on your phone or keeping it on silent mode. Also, ensure that your fan doesn’t make noise. 

  • Keep an Etiquette Guide in Mind: 

As we said, it is the duty of attendees also to maintain the decorum of a conference and follow certain unspoken rules. Behaving well during a public event won’t give extra rewards to you, but it will definitely help you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on others at the conference. Here are some rules that one needs to consider: 

  • Log in a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time at the conference. It will help you get along with those present on the platform. Also, it will give you extra time to gel with people. Also, it goes without saying that it will show how punctual you are. 
  • Don’t scream; use the ‘raise your hand’ functionality, and speak only when organizers allow you.
  • Keep your cameras on all the time. 
  • Dress up professionally and sharply. Don’t show up in your pajamas or night suits. 

As we said earlier, online conferences are not watching some people talk and leave. They are as real as physical conferences; hence, you are supposed to behave professionally. Though there are no written rules that an attendee should follow. However, it goes without saying that behaving properly and being decent would say a lot about you; all without you even introducing yourself. 

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