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Simple House Drawing With Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Drawing With Kids Owning a house of any size or style is a tremendous accomplishment in and of itself, but not many people can say that their house is well-known worldwide!

Due to its official status as the president of the United States and its unique architectural features, Drawing With Kids is well-known worldwide.

Drawing a Simple House

John Adams first occupied it in 1880, and every president after him lived there. Because of its illustrious history and distinctive architecture, many people enjoy learning how to draw the White House.

This lesson is perfect for you if you share my fascination with this well-known residence!

Following our simple directions, you can draw the White House in just six easy steps and produce a beautiful work of art to honor this amazing building.

Drawing a House in Steps


  • In this first part of our sketching instructions, you will start in the middle of the front of the White House.
  • We’ll go into more detail when illustrating the top portion of the central structure. A few tiny square turret constructions will be embedded within this curving and circular structure.
  • You’ll be ready to go on to the following phase of the guide after it resembles our reference image, so add another curved section underneath this one.


  • Expand the center section with more illustrations.
  • Although the second part of this White House sketch seems challenging, it’s not that challenging.
  • A downward extension of the central section will be made; this section will primarily consist of some long, slender pillar sections. Take your time when drawing these tiny pillars, and give each one a final touch at the top and bottom.
  • Before moving on to step 3 of this method, you can sketch the specifics between each pillar.


  • Draw the final features of the center part.
  • Before going on to other aspects of the structure in this third step of our tutorial on how to sketch the White
  • House, we will finish the central section.
  • We will initially build a set of short, curved steps on either side of the foundation of the central part. We’ll then draw a few tiny doorways and place wall lanterns in the spaces between them.
  • The main section will end here, and the following section will add more structure.


  • Now draw the left side of the White House.
  • In this fourth part of our tutorial on how to draw the White House, we’ll draw another area that appears challenging but isn’t.
  • This is the somewhat rectangular left-hand portion of the building.
  • Tiny pillars and intricate window patterns are also incorporated into the design of this section.
  • It would be best if you tried to move slowly, closely imitating what we did. You’ll then be ready to go on to the next stage of the guide’s final touches!


  • Complete the White House drawing.
  • In this fifth stage of our guide on designing the White House, you will finish the last details and components before adding color in the following step.
  • Start by drawing the right-hand half of the building in a mirror image of what you did on the stage before.
  • Make it as symmetrical as possible; the specifics should match those on the left.
  • You can draw some wavy lines to represent the bushes at the White House’s base.
  • And last, a White House model wouldn’t be complete without a US flag flying triumphantly above the building.
  • Before moving on to the next phase, you could add a few finishing touches! One idea is to paint the background of the building with a patriotic theme using a specific aesthetic. What historical context come to mind?


  • To finish your sketch of the White House, add color.
  • You might guess from the building’s name that there aren’t many colors you can use here.
  • In this final step of your White House drawing, we will show you how still to use color creativity with a predominantly white house.
  • You’ll see that when we colored the building, we didn’t leave any white areas. Instead, we went with a few light grey shades to give the structure a slightly more dynamic appearance.
  • Then we added some yellows for the windows to make it look like there are lights inside. It also helps if the image has some warmer hues.
  • Then, we added some striking greens for the plants at the base and, of course, the American flag flying over the White House. We also added reds and blues.
  • What approach do you take to finish this amazing White House drawing?

Here are some tips for enhancing your White House drawing:

  • Use these tips to improve the appearance of your White House sketch of this famous structure!
  • This illustration is of the White House’s main building. By adding a few more of the surroundings and buildings, it would appear more complete.
  • Unless you thoroughly understand the area, you might want to look up some pictures of the actual White House to use as references.


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