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How to buy a POS Thermal Receipt Printer?

There are many models of printers on the market for you to find. The most common are dot-matrix printers, also known as impact printers, Thermal Receipt Printer, and multifunctional printers. However, before you decide to purchase a printer for your POS system, you should consider software requirements, hardware compatibility, device drivers, printer receipt-cutting function options, cabling interfaces, environmental limitations, and other benefits.
Some printers only work with certain device drivers and software applications. You don’t want to buy a printer that has limited use in your business. Let’s say one of your receipt printers fails in one of your many POS systems, your printer should be able to fill in the place of the failed one. The printer must also be compatible with the operating system you are currently using. It is wise to choose a printer that is compatible with multiple operating systems.

Thermal receipt printer

The Thermal Receipt Printer can be connected to your POS system via a cable interface which can be a serial, parallel, USB, or Ethernet connection. All printers support at least the basic types of interfaces, serial and parallel. On some printers, the USB interface is an option. If you think a specific printer is exactly what you want but it doesn’t have the interface you want, consult your dealer to add additional interfaces. They usually do, for an additional fee.
Another feature to look for in a printer is the option to cut receipts. There are two types of discounts on receipts: partial and full discounts. Select the manual receipt cutter option if you do not want to use the receipt cutter option on your printer. If you are running a big business with a large number of customers at the checkout, then it is better that you go for the automatic receipt cutter option as it saves time. However, for a small grocery store or any other business establishment that doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic, you can opt for a manual-cut thermal receipt printer.

Color Printing

The printer comes with monochrome printing and two-color printing options. Printers with the two-color printing option print in black and red. Usually, your company logo is printed in red and the rest of the transaction details are in black. You can use the color red to highlight any special offers, discounts, and perks your customers get. One of the things to consider before purchasing a printer is the environment in which it will be used. Will you be using your printer in kitchens, points of sale, hospitals, temperature-controlled environments, etc.? Different printers fit into the above categories.

If you end up buying a printer that is not suitable for the environment, your printer will not work properly. Ask these questions before you buy a printer: Do you need a duplex printer? Do you need an auto-receipt cut-off option? Need a printer that can print receipts, labels, and barcodes? What speed do you expect the printer to have? Want your printer to handle huge print rolls? Want a drop-in paper loader? Do you want a printer that can print 2- and 3-ply receipts? Would you like to use your printer to validate checks and read MICR codes?

How Many Types of Printers are There?

There are 3 types of Thermal Receipt Printers:

1  Impact Printer:

Influence printers are otherwise called dab network printers. These printers are not only cheap but also flexible. The printer can print two layers of receipts, one for the client and one for the dealer. These printers are heat resistant and ideal for kitchen use. The printer can print in two colors – black and red. However, you must purchase the ribbons required to print the above colors.

2  Thermal Printer:

Thermal Receipt Printer, as the name suggests, uses heat to print an image onto paper. They don’t use ribbons and staples to print photos. You need special receipt paper to use with thermal printers. The paper has a special heat-sensitive coating that is activated when it comes in contact with the printer head. The printer requires no ribbon changes and is less expensive to own and maintain. You can upload your logo directly to the firmware for faster printing. These printers should not be used in the kitchen or any other heated environment.

3  Multifunction Printer:

These printers are used to perform various functions other than Thermal Receipt Printers. Multifunction printers are used to endorse checks, read MICR codes, and print coupons. Due to their versatility, these printers are more expensive than the aforementioned printers. These printers can be used to print receipts at checkout or in conjunction with point-of-sale setups.

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