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Top 5 Bungee Jumping Places in India


Bungee Jumping is an extreme sport game that requires leaping from a high point as they are connected by an elastic cord. The adrenaline rush you feel as you jump and the sensation of falling free will be a part of your memory for a long time. While strapped into an harness, and then falling over a metre over the floor, bungee juggling can allow you to see your surroundings from a completely different viewpoint. If you’ve overcome fears of jumping and are eager to allow your inner child experience a thrilling adventure then this sport is for you! After experiencing this excitement and excitement, you’ll become an lion and be compelled to repeat it and over.

Here are a few of the best places to bungee jump to experience in India

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is well-known for its thrilling activities, among which is bungee jumps. Rishikesh has the largest jump points for bungee jumps. It’s approximately 83 meters high and performed within Mohan Chatti village near Rishikesh. The masters are trained by professional experts who have been flying across from New Zealand to Rishikesh to lead and execute such incredible act, which makes it extremely safe and safe. Highly trained and skilled experts will give you the required guidance, as well as making sure that your chest and ankle are securely secured and tied to a rope prior jumping. There have been more than 80000 jumps completed at Rishikesh without any issue up to now.

The entire setup is within a valley which will make your heart pound with excitement. There are coaches available to the customers to get them to the point of jumping.


Tickets for entry cost Rs 100.

Bungy Jump- Rs 3550

Wanderlust in Delhi

In Delhi in Delhi, wanderlust is a well-trained personnel and equipment imported from Germany and is India’s longest-running sports organization. They have received nine National Awards and assure 100 security. Over the last 18 years, they’ve completed more than 50000 jumps safely and with success. They provide crane-jumping that can reach a 52-metre height. Anyone who is between the ages between 14 and 50 years. can participate and participate in this exciting sport. They have a triple security system that includes waist harnesses as well as airbags to bungee and a harness for the feet, making it a secure choice. Before jumping you’ll be required to fill out a questionnaire which will assess your health concerns and make an acknowledgment of your fitness and indemnity. Anyone over 50 is required to carry a medical certification.

Expenses- Rs 3000 per head

Ozone Adventures in Bangalore

The location is at St. Mark’s Road in Bangalore Ozone Adventures are the most well-known place for bungee jumps in the tech-savvy city of India.

The entire apparatus is attached securely to a high mobile crane with the standard elastic rope, which is a shock cord that has been braided that is affixed around the ankles of the person who is jumping. The jumper must be a at least 18 years old old with the minimum weight of 35kg and the maximum weight is 110 kilograms. Heart disease sufferers epilepsy or epilepsy and high blood pressure pregnancies, and diabetes are not allowed to wear the jumper.

Expenses- Rs 400 per head

The Gravity adventure zone is located in Goa

It is located near the most renowned beach in Goa located near the most popular beach in Goa, the Anjuna beach is the Gravity adventure zone offers an exciting experience of the bungee jump, offering diverse views of beauty and breathtaking landscapes. They are the first bungee jumping facility in Asia with an all-time long 25 m crane that is owned by a company which is US and based in the United States, Sports Tower Inc. The unique thing about this place is that, after you have jumped, the place will give you a certificate that you can show with your friends! They have highly-trained personnel and instructors who can help you along the way and ensure you stay secure with the best equipment to ensure you can participate and enjoy the thrill of this sport.

Expenses: Rs 500 per head

Della Adventures in Lonavala, Maharashtra

Della Adventures is situated in Lonavala which is a tiny hill station that is located close to the edge of Pune. The jump occurs at an altitude of 150 feet and takes approximately 7-10 minutes. The club permits people over 10 years old and who weigh less than 35 kg. There will be experts on the spot to inform you of all precautions to take. If you’re an enthusiast of adventure, Della isn’t a spot to skip. They also have the photo gallery service to capture and document your experiences and save those memories for the rest of your life!

Expenses: Rs 1500 per head.



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