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Top 7 Great Hiking Trails in Glacier National Park

Some of the most interesting hiking paths in the United States may be found at Glacier National Park. The beauty along the hiking trails in Glacier National Park is breathtaking, and there’s no better way to take it in than on your own two feet. Choose from simple strolls to breathtaking mountain hikes. Here are the Top 7 great hiking trails in Glacier National Park

Highline Trail

The Highline Track, which begins in Logan Pass and ends at the Canadian border, is a must-see hiking trail in Glacier National Park. This reasonably level path, which runs 7.6 miles from Logan Pass to the historic Granite Park Chalet (constructed in 1914), follows the Continental Divide through the park’s core.

The vistas of glacier valleys and majestic alpine scenery from this walk are breathtaking. At the start of the trek, besides Logan Pass, hikers will come across a brief stretch of ledge trekking with plenty of room for hikers to pass in opposing directions. Despite the trail’s popularity and constant visitors, animal sightings, particularly mountain goats, are common on the Highline Trail.

Avalanche Lake

The 2.3-mile track going to Avalanche Lake near Lake McDonald on the park’s west side is one of the greatest short treks in Glacier National Park. The journey to Avalanche Lake begins at a crowded parking lot and continues alongside Avalanche Creek, with spectacular vistas of the ice-blue river cutting its way down a canyon.

This hiking trail in Glacier National Park is suitable for most people, with a total elevation increase of around 500 feet and is enough in width to accommodate two-way traffic Hikers are welcomed at Avalanche Lake by a rocky coastline filled with impromptu benches, giving an ideal site for a photo with the waterfall-laden Little Matterhorn as a backdrop. Hikers can continue down the lake’s west bank to avoid the throngs.

Iceberg Lake

This aptly called day trek begins behind the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn in Many Glacier and continues 4.5 miles and 1,200 feet up to Iceberg Lake. The path to Iceberg Lake is broad enough to accommodate hikers in both directions after passing the trail junction for the Ptarmigan Wall.

In this hiking trail in Glacier National Park, hikers will pass through vivid and fragile alpine meadows at the end of the path before descending into Iceberg Lake’s basin. Bears and other species have been seen along this path, in addition to icebergs and alpine meadows.

Pitamakan Pass and Dawson Pass

This challenging 18-mile hiking trail in Glacier National Park climbs slowly and passes via two mountain passes with breathtaking vistas. Hikers can ascend over 2,400 feet to Dawson or Pitamakan Pass by departing from the Two Medicine Campground in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Views of glacial lakes and pointed mountains may be seen from both directions, as well as fauna like marmots and mountain goats. The 3.4-mile generally level path between Dawson and Pitamakan Pass features relatively modest exposure and some of the nicest vistas of any Glacier day trek.

Hidden Lake Nature Trail

The Hidden Lake Nature Trail begins on the west side of the Logan Pass Visitor Center and winds its way through the Hanging Gardens area. The 1.4-mile walk through Hanging Gardens offers a commanding vista of Clements Mountain, as well as a relatively little elevation increase.

The hiking trail in Glacier National Park is also home to a variety of wildflowers and fauna, including marmots and bighorn sheep. Hikers can continue 1.2 kilometers from the view to the lake itself, descending 780 feet in height.

Cracker Lake

The Cracker Flats region of the park is included in the 6.4-mile path to Cracker Lake. This section of the climb has a longer length of pointy peaks that are identical to an alpine garden.

The blue waters of Cracker Lake are utterly captivating, and the surrounding mountain peaks are packed with bands of color and a dramatic geologic presentation as you ascend 1,400 feet to the shores of Cracker Lake and neighboring overlooks.

There are several nice places to stop for a bite on the lake’s edge before returning to the trailhead. Cracker Lake is known for being one of the park’s windiest areas, so carrying an additional garment for warmth will help keep you warm.

Swiftcurrent Pass

The path up to Swiftcurrent Pass from the Many Glacier portion of the park is a challenging day trip that stretches over seven miles one way and gains about 2,200 feet in height.

With multiple spectacular stops along the route, such as Redrock Falls, and most of the height gained near the pass, trekking even a portion of the way to Swiftcurrent Pass makes for an unforgettable day trip. Moose sightings are common along this hiking trail in Glacier National Park, which is significantly less popular.

All hiking trails in Glacier National Park pass through bear habitats as well as habitats for a variety of other large and tiny species of animals. So go for a hike there to see the best views, flora, and fauna that the area has to offer. Don’t forget to find discount codes on platforms on the internet to save money for your hiking trips.



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