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20 Travel Plans to Enjoy More and Feel Live!

1- Business Tourism-   Business tourism can be defined as a convention, in the sense of a business meeting. The business tourism industry is growing rapidly and it is a gathering of individuals who meet at an organized place and time in order to discuss a common interest. The business tourism sector has many other economic benefits which include- Direct economic impacts, residence, transport, and other expenses that are paid by the international visitor of exhibitions and conferences. The growth of investments in business tourism includes establishing city centers, destination management companies, event organizing companies, etc. 

During business tourism, individuals are paid while they are working far away from office and home. It is a form of traveling, spending money and staying abroad and being away from home for some time. Business tourism includes a small section of the population, with different lifestyles and additional freedom of choice imposed through the business prospects. 

It is divided into main categories primary and secondary, primary business tourism focuses on business-related work and includes inspection, attending the meeting. Secondary business tourism includes activities like dining out, recreation, shopping, sightseeing, and other leisure activities. Many facilities are shared with the individuals to make their business travel easy and amazing one. 

2- Global Nomadic- They are the type of person who uses telecommunication technologies to earn a living and conduct their life in a nomadic manner. These workers are from foreign countries coffee shops, working spaces, public libraries, and recreational vehicles. The global nomad lifestyle challenges many of teh dominant forms and ideals in western societies including home ownership, the gathering of wealth and the idea of moving from one place to another. Global Nomads is a practice of extreme mobility, they must retain a home territory.  Communication technologies have afforded more opportunities for modern travelers and also engaged a wider range of people in different lifestyles. 

The global nomadic lifestyle is reflected by mobility, they travel from one country to another without a permanent home or job. These individuals love to travel, never want to stay in place for a longer time. They are location independent, love writing, teaching, meditating and handcrafts. Nomadic people focus on experiences, happiness, self-discovery, and well-being. Most of the nomadic individuals work only when required, they enjoy and love traveling. It is an amazing way to explore oneself, go beyond your limits and travel unexpected places, enjoy the beautiful sight scenes. 

3- Train Surfing- It is the act of riding outside of the train, and enjoying the rail journey. It is similar to freight hopping, which means riding outside the train while train surfing can be done on any train. Sometimes this type of enjoyment can be dangerous or life-threatening, falling from the train, colliding with railway infrastructure. Today train surfing is not allowed by statues on many rail tracks in the world. Train surfing is practiced on the overcrowded train, it should be avoided or expert people should be present in each section of the train to have immediate actions to avoid any big problem.

In the United States, train surfing is a common means of transportation following the American Civil War as the railroad began pushing westward. Train surfing is full of adventures and fun-loving.    

Train surfing first appeared in South Africa during the 1980s, and then it appeared in other countries in the world. In Germany, this surfing was made popular during the 1990s, where passengers enjoyed a lot and explored beyond. In Indonesia especially Greater Jakarta, a large number of people train surf, with loud music and dance. 

4- Circuit Riders- It is a specific community-based in California. Circuit riders are empowered by youth with oneness and unity mission. In the past circuit riders, were clergy in the Methodist Episcopal Church and related denominations, other preachers can be found in other faiths as well specifically in minority groups. 

The circuit was a geographic area that compassed two or more churches, pastors met each other at the annual conference where the bishops would appoint them either to a new circuit/area or to remain at the same point. Circuit riders traveled through the wilderness and villages, preaching every day at the same place. 

5- Incentive Travel- It is a loyalty program or incentive program which any business tool to change consumer behavior to improve cash flow, profit, and employee management. Here I am sharing some benefits of incentive travel, in short rewarding the best employees in the best way. 

    • Cost-Effective- Cost is major planning once you are planning for a vacation, and here travel is a highly cost-effective incentive. It is better than offering money as bonus in salary. Traveling boosts your mind and gets relax from the daily schedule. 
  • Dedication & Loyalty- When the company rewards the employees, he/she really feels happy. This will make them work more dedicatedly and will be loyal to the company. 
  • Boost creativity & Enhance productivity- Travel is a big relief for all employees. They feel relaxed and re energize them, also this helps them to boost their creativity and enhance productivity when they are back to work. 
  • Flexible-  Incentive travel is something that can be easily customized, any company can offer this incentive. Budget is not the barrier, incentive travel fits for all budget.
  • Appreciation- It is much better to offer travel as an incentive rather than cash. This is because cash gets spent easily like paying bills and other expenses. But travel incentives come out with experiences and fun, which one can avoid in real life. 
  • Positivity-  Employees are the pillars of the company. Their positive mindset is a must for the company, as it is useful for further growth. Incentive travel will help them to get a positive image and mood will get refreshed. In this way, the company can attract better talent from the market and grow its company‚Äôs revenue. 

There are many travel companies out in the market, according to your plan and budget they will surely meet your needs. Keep traveling and Keep working!



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