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What Is Hybrid Cannabis?

Hybrid cannabis plants are such plants that have characteristics of both- Sativa and Indica. It can also hold a vital property of one of them, depending on the genes it inherits. Most hybrid cannabis today are marked as either Indica dominant or Sativa dominant.

How does hybrid cannabis look like?

The hybrid cannabis plant is tall and has bushy leaves. It has short, and this leaves and comes in a variety of unique qualities.

There are different types of hybrid cannabis strains:

  1. Sativa dominant
  2. Indica dominant
  3. Balanced- they hold the equal characteristics of Sativa and Indica

Here is a list of different types of methods used to grow hybrid cannabis to attain the desired results:

Clone Hybrid Strains

The cultivator grows the hemp with specific characteristics in this sought of straining; the cultivator tests the genetics of the plant and distributes the clone accordingly to attain the desired results.

Stable Seed Strains

In this sought of cultivation, the cultivator selects the male and female plants and breeds them. Through this method, the cultivator ensures that they receive the desired attributes.

They continue to breed until the results are achieved.

Unstable Hybrid Strains

In this method, the product grows quickly. In this method, the cultivator does not care much about the characteristics.

What are the effects of hybrid cannabis?

  • The effect of hybrid cannabis entirely depends on the dominant attributes.
  • If the Sativa is dominant, it may uplift and provide energy to the consumer.
  • If the Indica is dominant, it may create a soothing effect on the consumer.
  • If the hybrid cannabis is balanced, it might give the effect of both- Sativa and


How To Judge A Good Hybrid Cannabis?

High-quality hybrid cannabis can be judged on the following terms:


When you have a look at the appearance, then do check how does the texture of the bud.

Does it has bright-orange hair around it?

“Note: Look at the color of the bud carefully, if the shade is greyish or white, then the bud is not ready to be consumed; it is a freshly grown bud.”

You can also check the trimming of the bud!


Have a smell of cannabis. If the smell is pleasant and fruity, then the bud is fresh and is of good quality. To check the aroma well, crush the bud from the center and then take a scent.

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